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Messages - Lain Iwakura

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Deck Comments / Re: Baru, Wurmspeaker (Budget) - Comments
« le: Mai 18, 2023, 07:32:17 am »
I love my wurms, especially on a budget. Maybe try Voracious Wurm?

General Magic / Re: What was your worst misplay?
« le: Décembre 14, 2022, 06:23:44 am »
I cracked Expedition Map to complete tron, but I ended up choosing the wrong land. Do not ask me how.

Commander Discussion / Re: Politics cards done right.
« le: Décembre 10, 2022, 04:42:57 pm »
I think Wandering Archaic is a good example of politics done right. Players may choose to pay the cost to avoid its effect, but you can promise them that you will copy their spells and choose non-allied targets. If they accept, you can do exactly that or outright betray them. In one case, I copied two exile spells and betrayed the caster.

Funny story: I made an agreement with a player to attack me and draw cards from blocking with Flumph. After I declared it blocking, he cast something like Tread Upon to try killing the Flumph. Not only did he not get the card draw, but I copied it with Wandering Archaic to save my Flumph.

Commander Deck Reviews / Re: Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Birds"
« le: Septembre 16, 2022, 10:04:54 pm »
A few ideas (spoilers for the film hidden):
Crow of Dark Tidings (seems fitting)
Boarded Window (the art is not flavorful, but the idea of it is)
Sightless Ghoul (the scene with the dead man - Dan - with his eyes pecked out is haunting)
Siege Zombie (because of the barricading)
Getaway Car (ending of the film)

Edit: Spoilers do not work well with card links apparently.

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