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Commander Deck Reviews / Re: Bad Cards Tribal
« am: Januar 23, 2022, 10:49:33 Vormittag »
I didn’t even know a lot of these cards existed. I know it’s the point, but some of this stuff is just so unbelievably bad I don’t know how it exists.

I do have one suggestion, though: What if you added Codie, Vociferous Codex, just so that you couldn’t cast most of your spells?

Commander Discussion / Re: Hidden Gems
« am: Dezember 29, 2021, 10:56:10 Vormittag »
Decisive Denial. Counters counters, noncreature combo pieces, removal, and rifts, and doubles as a removal spell. All on a 2-mana package? Way underplayed, especially considering it’s an easily-accessible uncommon worth basically nothing.

Commander Discussion / Re: Show me what's not a 7.
« am: Dezember 17, 2021, 10:44:18 Vormittag »
Before each game, you randomly choose your commander from the selection. No plan. No strategy. No interaction. Not a single card that will do what you want every time. Enjoy a beautiful, solid 2 or 3. As far as good times with friends go, though, this is a pure 10/10, and that’s why I play Magic.

BUT WAIT! Sometimes this deck can be good. Here’s an explanation:

This deck is very chaotic. Meaning, it’s almost never going to play the way you intend. The best part, however, is that it’s got a heck ton of cards that screw with your opponents. So if you get the right cards out, everyone is playing “chaos.” In many situations, you end up playing your opponents’ decks, inheriting their board states, forcing them to cast the wrong spells at the wrong time, etc. And while your pool of opponents (hopefully) consists of three reliably powerful decks, their pool of opponents consists of two powerful decks and… you. Thus, simply by you being there in combination with symmetrical effects that rely on each player’s opponents for benefits, you are putting your opponents at a disadvantage.

TL;DR: This deck is so chaotic that it puts you at an immediate and mathematical advantage.

Deck Comments / Re: Smash Face Unlimited Co. - Comments
« am: Dezember 14, 2021, 10:52:05 Vormittag »
… And here’s the first budget cut. Also mixed up some land proportions.

Revision 5

Added/removed cards:
-1 Adeline, Resplendent Cathar
-1 Hanweir Battlements
-1 Hanweir Garrison
+1 Colossification
+1 Needle Spires
+1 Waker of the Wilds

Changed amounts:
+4 Forest
-2 Mountain
-2 Plains

General Magic / Re: New Un-set: Unfinity
« am: November 30, 2021, 08:27:34 Vormittag »
I'm pretty excited about the fact that some cards will be legal in play. Getting people more familiar with un-sets is a big step towards making silver-bordered / acorn cards more generally accepted at casual tables down at the LGS. Of course, I'll always have replacements at the ready, but I feel like it would be fun to throw in some un-cards in a deck, just to add some spice on top of normal gameplay. Saw in Half looks unironically really cool, though. Casting that on a creature you control with abilities that stack well with itself (Avenger of Zendikar for example) I can get behind, and I hope to see more of the likes of this kind of card.

Also I really, really, really like the "orbital space-ic lands". I'm going to have to buy at least one for each deck in that deck's colors. That Mountain especially is absolutely stunning.

The only thing that makes me somewhat uncomfortable is the existence of collector boosters for the set. For me it kind of ruins the "Wow, they want to give us something cool and fun without ulterior motives" feeling. But I'm not going to let that put a damper on this set. It looks awesome so far, and I can't wait to see the "Galaxy Foil" treatment!

Deck Comments / Re: Torens, Fist of the Angels - Comments
« am: November 29, 2021, 02:43:54 Vormittag »

General Magic / Re: Games you've enjoyed
« am: November 22, 2021, 10:15:15 Vormittag »
I actually have a story this time! I've been reading everyone else's for a while now and thought I should join in. This time: Simic Ramp gets what it deserved. Disclaimer: It's pretty long. Only read if you're in the mood for a good story.

First, let's set the scene:

It was always going to be down to the nail. A three-player free-for-all since the fourth person in our regular pod left early. Opponents ready their boards: Robert (fake name) is playing Tovolar, Dire Overlord // Tovolar, the Midnight Scourge and Norbert (undoubtedly a fake name) decides on Melek, Izzet Paragon. Melek is the least threatening out of the two: A card draw engine starring Teferi's Ageless Insight and The Royal Scions. He looks to win by draining opponents down with direct damage from spells like Master the Way and a constant barrage of triggers from the likes of Guttersnipe. Tovolar is a different beast entirely. A werewolf tribal deck best best described as a "savage beatdown", starring Gratuitous Violence, Beserkers' Onslaught, and all of Tovolar's most relentless Werewolf friends. Robert enjoys making full use of Tovolar's backside ability, using cards like Druids' Repository to make his Werewolf army truly unstoppable.

And me? I have an upgraded Aesi, Tyrant of Gyre Strait precon sitting around, and I don't usually play it. 2 reasons: It's kinda toxic and it's too competitive. Wincon: RAMP DRAW RAMP DRAW KRAKEN KRAKEN KRAKEN RAMP DRAW OOPSIE I WIPED YOUR BOARD RAMP RAMP OH AND NOW THEY'RE UNBLOCKABLE SUCKS TO BE YOU!

Told you it was salty. Strangely, it's also strong. Who knew? (NOTE: There's a hint of Salt Water Creature tribal in there, which I find very appropriate.)

Now, usually I play for fun. I value having a laugh over the ridiculous board states and politics that occur at a casual table over winning games competitively. Robert leans a little more into the competitive side, though, and as a result he usually wins and I usually lose. But today, I decided, since I've already pulled out the competitive deck, I might as well play to win. No conniving. No allegiances. No regard for human emotions, and no mercy of any kind. I was not losing this time. My deck was capable of winning and I knew it.

And so the game begins.

The Sol Ring in my starting hand confirmed my thoughts. I was going for it and going  hard. The dice, however, disagreed. Rolling D20s to determine turn order, Norbert wins, meaning I'm going last. When 2 lands have been played, it quickly rolls around me. I play Forest into Sol Ring. Robert gives me a look and Norbert looks panicked already.

It's working.

Come turn 2, both opponents have only played lands and I slap down a Weaver of Currents. We can all feel the impending storm as Robert admits he kept his otherwise-garbage hand for a Cultivate. Neither of us were sure what he was thinking with that decision. Come turn 3, Aesi's on the board, extra lands and card draw begin flying like it's some primeval food fight festival as Tovolar draws into some creatures and Melek quickly gains momentum with some token-makers.

From that point on, it was a good fight! All the decks matched up surprisingly well. Talrand, Sky Summoner and The Locust God supplied a steady stream of tokens on Norbert's side while Tovolar began to look intimidating with a Kindred Summons throwing out a few big, scary werewolves. I'm sitting on my massive pile of mana with Aesi, Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse, and a few other creatures on the field. Aesi's Aqueous Form and my Sol Ring get hit with a Hull Breach on Tovolar's side, which is fair, considering that the opponents were on 5 and 10 commander damage already. The game continued for a couple more turns while I whittled away at their life totals, comfortable. One turn, I decide to get risky and use Jolrael's activated ability to pump my team to 6/6s and swing with everything. This was a calculated risk, though, and didn't come back to bite me, even though both opponents swung back with everything and left me at 20-something life on my next turn. I had everything under control.

I attempt to look unsuspicious, busying my turn with a lot of ramp, ramp, ramp. I have blockers in the air and on the ground, and I'm strategically planning my every move, controlling the board as best I can. Maximum damage output without dying is my goal, and it's working. I am definitely being ganged up on at this point, which is fair, considering my board and their low life totals. Robert swings with a lot of stuff. I chump-block with my Arboreal Grazer and properly block with other things. I wonder why he doesn't use Tovolar to trample over the Grazer, before realizing that he didn't play anything in his precombat main phase either. After combat, that's when he plays it. Blasphemous Act. For a second, I panic, desperately glancing at my hand to see if there's anything that could save my victory. And what do you know, my planning payed off. I'd been waiting on this Counterspell for 4 turns now.

The look of victory turning to surprise melting into apathy on Robert's face was both satisfying and discomforting. Bad feels, man. But also... high five, past me. That was smooth.

Next turn, I play Brinelin, the Moon Kraken and bounce Robert's 7/7. Then I count up my remaining mana and survey the toughness of creatures on the board. I tutor up one more Island with a ramp spell, and Robert knows exactly what I'm doing. Norbert is sitting back with the same entertained look on his face that he's had the whole game. Good sport, I guess.

"Don't you dare play Scourge of Fleets. If you play that thing, I'm conceding," Robert threatens.

I smile and play my Scourge of Fleets, bouncing literally everything they had. Norbert laughs and throws his hands in the air. Robert says something along the lines of "I'm packing up. I don't play against that garbage" and proceeds to not play against this garbage. I felt kinda bad, but after attacks, they were both going to be dead on my next turn. Norbert doesn't give up. He's a sticky one, Norbert. He has a habit of staying in the game even when it's hopeless.

After attacks, Norbert is left on very little life, staring down a massive board and my life total of exactly 13. The unlucky number. How fitting. Robert wheels around to Norbert's side of the table to watch from his perspective, David against Goliath. For the most part, I know what they've got in their hand. Their entire board + their earlier hand. I'm not concerned. I lean back, confident in my win. Norbert, hopeless and waiting for death, plays Thought Vessel and then Master the Way targeting my face, which surprised me. Norbert draws a card, then counts up the cards in his hand. At first I was unworried, but as the count went up, 7, 8, 9, I began to wonder. Could he have done it? Could he have 13 cards in hand? The count goes up 10, 11, 12 ... and then stops. The spell resolves. I'm on one life. ONE. LIFE. He's got one red mana left. Desperately, Robert and Norbert realize that if they can squeak in one more point of damage, they can squeak take me down. So they starts looking around his hand. No creatures with haste. No direct damage spells for 1 mana. That's when they realize: If the Thought Vessel was still in hand, they would have the 13 damage to kill me. We have an unspoken policy of letting people undo misplays if no turn phases have been passed, and so it was that I watch in sadness as my victory slips away from me. Master the Way was David's stone, and I was Goliath. The dead guy and the barely-alive one both grin with glee as I drop my hand on the table.

I was so close. But in the end, there's one moral to the story: Winning doesn't matter. Friends matter, fun matters, and not ruining people's day with a Simic value engine matters. The universe always puts me back in my place when I get a notion of competitiveness, and you know what? I think that's a good thing.

Thank you for reading, I hope that was entertaining ;)

Commander Discussion / Re: Use Grave-Hate People
« am: November 21, 2021, 12:29:53 Vormittag »
I don't like to plan for contingencies. I just want to play splashy stuff.

This is me. In my brews, I often find it hard to cut slots down for draw and ramp with all the synergistic cards that I find, let alone grave hate. Plus, I hate the feeling when I'm playing a graveyard deck and someone Bogs me. So why would I want to give the Muldrotha player that same feeling?

I think this is why I win so sparsely. I throw out cool stuff, do some shenanigans, but lack interaction. So my opponent removes the card that my plan hinges on, or wipes my board with a Blasphemous Act, and I didn't have a Counterspell to stop them. I've started running counterspells like Rebuff the Wicked and Negate for purely defensive purposes, but I haven't started sacrificing slots for grave hate yet. Perhaps in the future?

Deck Comments / Re: Jor_Myr Tribal_Budget - Comments
« am: November 20, 2021, 09:07:16 Vormittag »
Perhaps a copy of Wake the Past would be nice as board wipe recovery. Could replace Omen Clock?

General Magic / Re: Losing interest?
« am: November 20, 2021, 02:14:58 Vormittag »
I might be an outlier, but I still have immense interest in the game. I love Magic. I live Magic, play Magic, breathe Magic. But even I don't keep up with the spoilers anymore: I just don't have time for it. But you know what? I'm ok with that.

Wizards can keep printing hundreds of new cards in new sets with new supplemental products and cards from IPs that everyone hates and no-one actually cares about, and I'm just going to let it pass me by. I'll do a draft or two of the new sets and love it, but I'm not trying to fully optimize my decks, so there's no motive to buy whatever shiny new $100 3/1 monkey that comes out in Modern Horizons 3. Other people can play them, and I'll enjoy watching them play it, but it's not really for me.

For me, Magic is a casual game. Sitting down around a table with both friends and friends-to-be at an LGS and playing some casual EDH is what I love. So what if I don't have a comprehensive knowledge of all the cards from the new sets? So what if they've printed another 7 secret lairs? So what if there are unique legends from non-Magic IPs? No-one's building them anyway. I have never seen a single person say, "I want to build Eleven, the Mage" or "Check out my new Rick, Steadfast Leader commander deck!". So let them keep printing Secret Lairs, because I'm not buying them.

In summary, the reason that I'm not experiencing product fatigue is that I "eat the meat and leave the bones", so to speak. I love Strixhaven Stadium, but I don't know the names of half the werewolves printed in Midnight Hunt. But despite having absolutely no knowledge of the cards in Crimson Vow, I'm happy.

Deck Comments / Re: Heroes of the Hallways (<$1.00 per card) - Comments
« am: November 15, 2021, 11:40:26 Nachmittag »

Deck Comments / Re: No Mercy - Comments
« am: November 11, 2021, 01:26:44 Vormittag »
I wanted to make a deck built around Stuffy Doll and two infinite combos I'll suggest here. The first is much harder to pull off, it uses Chain Lighting, Storm-Kiln Artist, Harmonic prodigy, and Stuffy Doll. The second is very easy, it uses Ill-Tempered Loner // Howlpack Avenger, and Stuffy Doll.

These are cool suggestions! I think I'll leave out the first one, since it requires 4 combo pieces and I have no tutors. The second one is a "probably", since I don't know how expensive Ill-Tempered Loner // Howlpack Avenger will end up being. In addition, it has to be Night for it to work, so I don't know how reliably I will be able to pull it off. Regardless, the Loner + any indestructibility enchantment + Blasphemous Act makes it an auto-include in the deck - I just have to keep budget in mind.

Thanks for the suggestions! Very cool combos.

Deck Comments / Re: Lukka is Broken LOL - Comments
« am: November 10, 2021, 02:53:12 Vormittag »
Made a big update to the deck! Basically, I realized there weren't any haste enablers to assist in dealing damage, and stuff just got removed in the time between polymorphing into it and attacking. Swiftfoot Boots is an especially potent inclusion.

I also retooled the entire deck, adjusting balances of creatures to noncreature and changing up the ramp choices.

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