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Commander Deck Reviews / A strong and unknown Commander
« am: Mai 01, 2024, 10:20:16 Nachmittag »
Hi everyone,
I'm posting today to introduce you to a new deck : Three dog, galaxy news DJ.
It's basically a Zada, Hedron Grinder in boros with auras mechanics. So much better because :
- A lot of support around this archetype
- Permanent effects (on the contrary of instants and sorceries in Zada deck).
- simpler way to create creature token (thanks to white)
- better gestion cards
- can be way more competitive
- low mana cost commander and high thoughness
- less than 1000 deck on edhrec so you will be the original guy against Atraxa or Ur-Dragon deck

It's my V1 of the deck and I think it lacks a bit of gestion and ramp but I don't know what card I can cut.
Please help me ‹3
The deck list :

Commander Deck Reviews / Magar Budget and -1/-1 counter
« am: März 22, 2024, 04:12:16 Nachmittag »
Hi everyone,
Here is my new cursed invention. The idea is to nerf our creatures with -1/-1 counter. Then thanks to "power 2 or less" effects they can't be blocked.
You can win with poison and proliferate, big instant/sorcery and with slow play and board gestion.
It's a budget and fun deck. I know it's not the optimized way to play Magar.
Nevertheless this deck could do some big plays and it's really fun to play with.
If some unknown and fun cards rings your bells say it, I'll may add it to the deck.
Hope you enjoy :

Commander Deck Reviews / Human Autobot Tribal
« am: Februar 16, 2024, 11:21:58 Vormittag »
Only 431 decks on EDHREC, Goldbug, humanity's ally is in fact very powerful.
Moreover, tribal human got strong synergy and cards.

I've try to make it fun to play without breaking the bank.

Hope it will inspire you

The decklist:

Commander Deck Reviews / Re: Voja, Wolf and Elf Tribal
« am: Februar 16, 2024, 11:16:10 Vormittag »
Thanks for your advice, I will propose an update version soon 👍

Commander Deck Reviews / Re: Judith Boardwipes
« am: Januar 25, 2024, 10:12:38 Nachmittag »
An other approach could be an Orzhov version of this deck. Play around life gain with cards like aetherflux reservoir, aria of flame, bloodthirsty aerialist (multiple +1/+1 for each creature damaged) or marauding blight-priest.
It can be amplified with Blitzwing, cruel tormentor, defiant bloodlord, epicure of blood or exquisite blood.
There are more cards in this theme if your interested

Commander Deck Reviews / Voja, Wolf and Elf Tribal
« am: Januar 23, 2024, 11:15:22 Vormittag »
Hello everybody,
Here my presentation of Voja, jaws of the conclave.

To make it simple : 60% elves for +1/+1 counters, 40% wolves for draw, 100% fun.
I tried to make it cheap.

The decklist :

Commander Deck Reviews / Felisa, Arcbound Commander
« am: Januar 17, 2024, 01:17:14 Nachmittag »
Hi everyone,
Here is my presentation of a new commander deck around Felisa, Fang of Silverquill. I wanted to build an alternative version of existing decks that's why I used Arcbound synergy. Some cards are not in this list because they are too expensive.

The idea is to create a lot of 2/1 with flying thanks to modular keyword and sacrifice.

the decklist :

Sympa, j'aime bien le concept. Des cartes comme Minas Tirith garrison ou mordenkainen rentrerais bien.

[fr] Demandes de Revues de Decks / Jouer Macie sans casser la partie
« am: Januar 02, 2024, 03:20:46 Nachmittag »
Un deck un peu particulier avec comme commandant Grand Marshal Macie. Beaucoup de cartes la rendent injouable en Commander classique comme Silence ou akroma's will. L'idée de ce deck est d'avoir une version jouable et amusante qui n'empêche pas les autres joueurs de répondre. Il faudra expliquer en amont son deck pour qu'il soit accepté par les autres joueurs mais je pense qu'il a un bon potentiel.
Si vous avez des idées d'amélioration je suis preneur

Commander Deck Reviews / Unfinity "legal" deck of Grand Marshal Macie
« am: Januar 02, 2024, 02:25:41 Vormittag »
Hi everyone,
I present you today a legal deck of Grand Marshal Macie. Lot's of card like Silence or Akroma's will break the game or make it boring. I decided to create a deck that is playable with friend and fun to play with. If you have any ideas to improve it, don't hesitate.

The decklist :

Commander Deck Reviews / Re: Need help to cut Jhoira
« am: Dezember 12, 2023, 01:20:07 Vormittag »
As I see it their is a lot of different mechanics, like copy, creature and sorcery/instant plays. Focus on less type of gameplay is a way to cut. I think that swarm intelligence isn't necessary. In fact, a lot of instant and sorcery are for draws or counter so copy those effect aren't top valuable. It's also a deck around your commander so I think more protection like lightning Greaves or swiftfoot boots could be nice. If you want to play with creature, ETB effect are better. Some of your eldrazi can be destroyed/exiled easily and don't do anything if they can't attack. Hope it will help you

Commander Deck Reviews / Want to block ? Nah thx
« am: Dezember 04, 2023, 10:00:23 Vormittag »
 Here my presentation of Kamiz deck, if you have some idea of cool cards to add  :-* :

Hello everyone,
I've recently made this deck around Scion token mechanic. I've started with a three colors deck but added new cards and colors the more I built it  ::)
The idea is to generate a lot of mana with tapped Scion and then sacrifice them. There is strong individuals that are like « second commander ». I've played this deck multiple and there was always new ways to win with. If you have suggestions of card to add that make it even more fun I take it !
Here the decklist :

PS : feel free to use the decklist and test it as much as you want

Thank you for all your ideas !
I will upgrade this deck soon thanks to you !

I totally agree with you I know there is also a combo with gilded goose and urza, lord high artificer. The idea here is also to have a low cost deck (around 70€ with shipping fees).

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