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Deck Reviews / [Standard] Please Comment, T4 Hornet Queen! Needs some TLC!
« am: März 02, 2015, 05:57:31 Nachmittag »
Please give this one some thought guys, I am not sure about Tymaret, as he is just not amazing... I would need another great 2/x to fill his spot. Currently this plays a possible T4 Hornet Queen,
which is recyclable through Alesha, and eventually Whip if needed. God run is: T1 Green Source => Warden, Red Source => Tormenting Voice, Commune with the Gods (Get Hornet Queen in GY), T3 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth { preferably =) }  or Black Source => Generator Servant or Or Trigger Warden, T4 Any Land or Black Source (if no Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth T3) => Crack Generator => Alesha (w/ haste) => Hornet Queen... and so on...

Alesha Whip Jund

Deck Reviews / *New* Standard Alesha Whip Jund
« am: Februar 18, 2015, 07:17:43 Nachmittag »

Deck Reviews / [Standard] Alesha Hornet Whipper (JUND)
« am: Februar 12, 2015, 07:57:35 Vormittag »
Alesha Whip

Fill your Graveyard, Cast or Whip Alesha, who smiles at death, and let the fun begin!
Need a little help with the Mana Base, and any other suggestions/comments are welcome as well!

Deck Reviews / [Standard] Heroic SB Lockdown
« am: Februar 08, 2015, 04:10:11 Vormittag »
Heroic SB Lockdown

Hopes to abuse Battlefield Thaumaturge and Icy Blast, after boarding to lockdown opp's creatures for 2 turns, then go red zone both turns for lethal.

Deck Reviews / [Standard] R/W Standard
« am: Februar 03, 2015, 07:34:33 Nachmittag »
R/W Standard

Trying to make it hard to race with Eidolon, while keeping ahead of race with Soulfire. Some combat tricks and burn to fuel Mentor for tokens.

Feel free to comment, I'm sure this could be improved.

Deck Reviews / Re: Minotaur Menagerie
« am: Februar 21, 2014, 04:28:22 Nachmittag »
one more thing, I can't believe I forgot Dreadbore... use instead of doom blade...

Deck Reviews / MonoBlackRats... with deck link this time... :D
« am: Februar 21, 2014, 04:04:36 Nachmittag »
With the new sets out I've changed a couple of things, but was wondering if anyone had any ideas I haven't thought of.

lol, sorry forgot the link the first time.

Deck Reviews / Re: Minotaur Menagerie
« am: Februar 21, 2014, 03:46:33 Nachmittag »
First things first. Land. 4x temple of malice, 4x blood crypt. bye bye guildgates... The Nykthos, shrine to nyx is of little use with only 1, consider 2-3 to increase probabilities or remove. Next, the whip of erebos is a great card... but it doesn't fit here. You have no flying creatures therefore I would really consider 2-3 skyblinder staff. Finally, lets look at your curve. IMHO there are to many low cost burns... if this is a minotaur deck, trust your minotaurs. Swap your burns for straight removal, max your doom blade and hero's downfall, and make sure your 3CC slot is less than your 2CC slot, but more than your 4CC slot. Seriously, a minotaur deck without Rageblood Shaman? Use Felhide Brawler to fill out your 2CC spot, his inability to block goes out the window with the next Mino you play, even if it is another copy of him. Consider also Minotaur Skullcleaver and Ragemonger.

Hope this helps.   8)

Deck Reviews / Re: newbie in need of major help for my deck!
« am: März 27, 2013, 02:39:36 Nachmittag »
hey in order for me to help this deck, i ask 1 thing. can you please upload it as a new deck?

lulz we all started playing magic at some point crow, but the most help is to find one specific strategy you want to center your deck around.

Checkout Magic the Gathering's articles about the decks that are winning tourneys...

Load a couple of these decks into the deckbuilder and use them as tool to learn how to use focused strategy. In general, you need to keep only the cards your deck needs to win. The fewer single cards the better because you are more likely to get what you need to make your deck work. Most of the time you only need 15 or 20 different cards to make a decent deck, the hard part is finding the correct number of each card to make the deck consistently do what you want it to do.

Also pay special attention to your mana base as the lands in a deck truly make or break the deck.

Hope this helps.

It looks pretty solid so far keep up the good work.

I might consider a few cloudshifts, since you play a couple of powerful "enters the battlefield effects" i.e. thragtusk and armada wurm. in conjunction with parallel lives can produce quite a few big tokens. Switching out a couple of seller of songbirds with centaur healers could give you some reproducible evasion (also through cloudshift...) Cloudshift is really an underrated card. It is almost like playing more "enters the battlefield bombs" than are actually in your deck...

Just a couple of ideas...

Deck Reviews / What do you think of my Modern Extort Deck?
« am: März 22, 2013, 06:21:54 Nachmittag »
Hey can I get some feedback on this deck. I play tested it yesterday.
It is in modern format. I am open to any constructive critisim.

The main idea is to ramp out early with chrome mox, or lotus bloom(or preferably both).
The Jhoira's Timebugs allow for control of the lotus blooms, and the Thrull Parasite and
Vampire Hexmages allow for expediting the Lost Auramancers and are great against

Planeswalkers. Finally, dropping Vikopa Guildmage and following with Exquisite Blood,
either hard cast or through the Auramancers for the combo.

It played well against a Simic + Black Deck last night winning 2-1. Thanks.

Deck Link:

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