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Mensagens - kwertk

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Deck Reviews / [Historic] Forshaken Fae
« em: Novembro 13, 2020, 11:15:53 pm »

Deck Reviews / Re: [Modern] Simiku
« em: Março 13, 2020, 02:49:44 pm »
Thank you, karjin. I made some changes in the deck.

Deck Reviews / [Modern] Discardo
« em: Março 13, 2020, 02:48:54 pm »

Here is other of the decks I´m using...this one is less funny for my opponents...but makes the games more interesting, for what are you going to discard.

Deck Reviews / [Modern] Simiku
« em: Março 12, 2020, 01:23:26 pm »

Here is part of the deck I´m nowdays using. I have to make some changes for the future to make this deck real...but It works pretty well.

[es] Solicitud de revisión de Mazos / [Modern] Dwarfs
« em: Outubro 29, 2019, 12:29:29 am »

Here is a deck made out by seven dwarves, Torbran and other dwarves from Kaladesh, with the Heart of Kiran.

Maybe you like, maybe not. What I really expect is that this deck could be great someday.

Thank you!!

[es] Solicitud de revisión de Mazos / Re: [Modern] Izzet Locust
« em: Outubro 27, 2019, 08:24:59 pm »
Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

Es una baraja pensada para sacar algunas hadas, ilusiones e insectos. Pero más importante que sea lo suficientemente barata para poderse jugar en físico.

Un abrazo.

[es] Solicitud de revisión de Mazos / [Modern] Izzet Locust
« em: Outubro 27, 2019, 11:47:54 am »
Izzet Locust

Izzet deck based on draw card mixed with locust god, murmuring mystic and improbable alliance.

Pretty interesting, but not tested. And a bit cheap.

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