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Thank You for Your comment!

Tideshaper Mystic is great option, I'll add it later. Trait doctoring is not. We are not carrying anything like invisible stalker, or anything that would strike at any point. And "end of turn" is not what we like in this sorcery - without ciphering we need 1 more extra blue to punish 1 more land, that's not the point.

Then, I have written that 2 Islands are necessary because they are. Against RDW or other aggro we have to be really careful about our life pool, because we will probably bleed it away very quickly. It's better to lose 1 life from fetch, and then lose 1 Island for a greater cost,  if it is our last hope, without blue mana on board, as it could happen, so we can't search for mountain.

Thank You for Your suggestions. I'm looking forward to Your response

Deck Comments / Re: Budget Black Warr. - Comments
« em: Abril 25, 2015, 11:01:12 pm »
Pure copy-paste Proffesor's Deck from TCC. Here's the link:

Mind Bend is a great idea! I'm replacing 2 Aquidect's, 1 Chasm, 1 Rapid Hybridization for it. Also, i've bought two Batterskull's last time and I'm replacing Aetherlings with them since they are much better while our opponent has blood moon.

Deck Comments / Re: Infinite Mana combo - Comments
« em: Abril 23, 2015, 03:43:18 pm »
Really creative and interesting deck. And how about playing Staff of Domination, to draw whole library while infinite mana combo on board, or even infinite life, just to have an "rescue plan" in case of no banefire, or other game winning spell on hand?

Great idea, because Mana Leak is not as relevant against counterspell as Dispel since their CMC, but, but, but, I've proxed 3 Vexing Shusher and it shuts down all control players unless they use Dismember, but still better that than nothing. I'll add Dispel for 1 Boil (turned out that 7 are a little too much), and 2 Mana Leak's.

Deck Reviews / Control land desctruction!
« em: Abril 23, 2015, 12:15:33 pm »

Please, if You like idea of deck, hit the like button, thanks!

Deck Comments / Re: RB 1st turn Modern win! - Comments
« em: Abril 22, 2015, 03:43:35 pm »
Why are You copying my deck, with whole description and playset?

Deck Comments / Re: RB 1st turn Modern win! - Comments
« em: Abril 15, 2015, 08:18:02 pm »
Please, take a look on my brand new deck and share Your opinion about it. Thanks Guys!

Deck Comments / Re: No library=Win! - An budget combo deck - Comments
« em: Abril 15, 2015, 04:23:40 pm »
This even isn't a deck. It's a parody. How would you play shadowborn apostle without even single swamp? I think you didn't play mtg at any time.

Deck Comments / Re: RB 1st turn Modern win! - Comments
« em: Abril 03, 2015, 01:09:06 pm »
Blood moon is sided for all combo and control decks, against them we can easily win with normal, non infect damage if they are shut down with mana, we can achieve black mana from manamorphose if we are about to kill with infect.

Pyretic is not a must-have, but it definitely helps to pump much much more kiln fiend on board, as it is instant spell and allows us to do more pumping on him. And at last, it won me a game in first turn many times.

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