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Deck Comments / Re: Jund Snakes and Jackals - Comments
« em: Maio 05, 2017, 03:47:23 pm »
First turn: Mountain and cast Flameblade adept.
Second turn: Blooming Marsh and Noose Constrictor
Third turn: Play another land (I prefer a forest for then cast unnatural predation). With Noose Constrictor discard two Dread Wanderer (+2/+2), discard Call to the Netherworld and play it's madness cost, so you return Dread Wanderer to your hand and discard it again (+2/+2), do this another time (+2/+2). Cast Shadow of the Grave and return two Dread Wanderer and two Call to the Netherworld, repeat the process of discarding (+6/+6). So finally the Flameblade Adept and the Noose Constrictor both get +12/+12 (Well the Flameblade Adept gets +12+0) and attack with a 14/14 Noose Constrictor and a 13/2 Fameblade Adept. And the best thing, is that you have one forest remaining, so cast unnatural predation if you want.

Buen nombre del mazo :)

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