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General Magic / Re: Planeswalkers rule change
« em: Agosto 30, 2017, 03:37:38 pm »
If i understand correctly ... this means ANY planeswalker can be a commander in EDH now?

Deck Reviews / looking for criticism and help
« em: Março 19, 2017, 12:12:38 pm »
Hey Anyone reading this...

This is my first attempt at creating a Competive Legacy Deck. The idea of the deck is to counter/destroy/mill key cards into graveyard and then remove it and its siblings from the game... Basically take the bullets out of the gun.  Just by the basic design of the deck, its extremely strong against combo decks. I'm fairly confident it'll be able to dominant "Miracle" decks ... My reason is: Play "Abrupt Decay" targeting "Counterbalance", the instant it hits the graveyard, play: Option 1) Extirpate [Split Second acts faster than any counter spell or ability) - or - Option 2) Surgical Extraction... Then pretty much anything is countered/milled and removed. I don't see any huge problems with Burn style decks... Counter/mill, rinse repeat earlier process. I really only think " Stompy" and mass creature rush archetypes will give me a problem.  I would really appricate all criticism and ideas since this is really my first attempt at something like this


I.  Send opponent's cards to the Graveyard with:

1) Force of Will
2) Daze
3) Spell Pierce (Non-Creature Spells)

1) Abrupt Decay (Non-Land Perm. >3 CMC)
2) Fatal Push (Creature >2 CMC)
3) Toxic Deluge (Mass Creature Removal)
4) Wasteland (Destory Non-Basic Land)

1) Glimpse the Unthinkable


II.  Exile Opponents Key Cards (That arn't Basic Lands) and all that share a name with it, by:
1) Surgical Extraction (All but basic lands) [Can pay 2 life instead of paying casting cost {B}]
2) Extirpate (All but basic Lands) [Split Second - Save for counter spells]
3) Haunting Echoes (All cards in opponents graveyard besides Basic Lands)


If the card (Any Non-Land, Non-Artifact card) you want gone is not in the graveyard due to not being available or from abilities like Emrakul, the Aeons Thorn being shuffled into opponents library when entering the graveyard from any source use:

1) Lost Legacy


III.  Creatures

1) Delver of Secrets - 1/1 (Transforms into "Insectile Aberration" 3/2 - Flying)
2) Tombstalker - 5/5 - Flying, Delve
3) Snapcaster Mage - 2/1 - Flash (used to give an Instant or Sorcery Card Flashback)
4) Leovold, Emissary of Trest - 3/3 - (Opponents can only draw one card each turn, when a permanent you control is a target of spell or ability-draw a card)


IV.  Card Draw

1) Brainstorm
2) Ponder
3) Leovold, Emissary of Trest (Only under special circumstance)


Deck Reviews / Re: Advice to improve deck
« em: Novembro 02, 2016, 07:42:09 pm »
There isn't a set ratio of creature to spells. It really depends on what your running. I had a UB control mill deck that ran only 4 Creature Cards (4x Raven guild Master). Then I have my "White Privilege" deck that's 48% (Even counting lands) creatures and only run 19 lands. So it all depends on your deck

Deck Reviews / Looking for Land advice on Control/Lock (casual)
« em: Novembro 02, 2016, 06:36:42 pm »
Control and Hard Lock (counters the uncountable)

***Hard Lock Combo and why it works***
Rule of law: One spell, per player, per turn
Knowledge Pool: Player cast a spell (from hand) and that spell is exiled. They "may" choose to play any spell that was imprinted when Knowledge Pool came in play
Where this combo works: Rule of law states: A player can not cast more than one spell each turn. The first spell is exiled by Knowledge Pool, giving you the choice too cast one of the imprinted cards, This is when Rule of Law kicks in, making the second spell an illegal action, thus never happening. First spell is exiled (not even countered) so it gets around those uncounterable spells.
**Things this Combo can't stop**
Abilities of Permanents - Most likely what can hurt you is already in play, get rid of it before you apply the "Lock Down". Lands are not spells, so they can constenly be played. Creature lands can still come into the battlefield. Have Humility in play before "Lock Down" is applied if this is an issue.
Manifest - You take the top card or your Library and make it a 2/2 creature, and the turn up cost is not a spell. Humility can't remove this ability, because its not an ability, its part of the ruling of "Manifest". No ETB abilities can trigger from said manifested creature entering the BF, because the creature was already on the BF(Manifested Creature). What Humility does is make it into a 1/1 with no abilities. Grafdigger's Cage stops manifest ... But it also stops Kjeldoran Outpost and Captain's Claws from putting token creatures into play, so just hope you got a jitte in play before you locked the board down

Deck Reviews / [Casual] White Privilege
« em: Outubro 22, 2016, 05:07:37 am »
White Privilege

So many different ways to win - 1)Creature Beat Down, Odric to seal the deal 2)Feldiar Sovereign can take a game 3)Iona just stops some decks*use nykthos* 4)Divinity of Pride + Light from Within 5)Karakas to bounce your legends and theirs 6)Westvale Abbey for White Hate ...Side board is all enchantment or Artifact, so it can all be tutored if added  ... Nothing better than "White Weenie" with Life gain

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