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Deck Comments / Re: Fuck you in particular - Comments
« en: Enero 03, 2020, 01:01:51 am »
That Stuffy Doll is sad without Pariah.
Otherwise interesting deck, my Daxos deck started with many curses too, although I have trimmed it down to "just" the most powerful ones and incorporated other strategies/ideas.

BTW, Grafdigger's Cage hurts you too? I guess you know, I suppose it's a meta call..

Deck Comments / Re: Daxos the Returned (Curses) - Comments
« en: Mayo 07, 2019, 03:52:26 am »
Thanks! No, that one slipped my attention, I have added it after you mentioned it, good call!

Thanks for that call, I'll add it soon!
Initially I thought it is not really needed since I am drawing lots of card with this deck and Land Tax often shuts down later drawn Weathered Wayfarer too (and Knight of the White Orchid, but that is not as tragic as the Wayfarer)

General Magic / Rule question: Chroma + Splitcards
« en: Octubre 02, 2018, 05:56:57 pm »
Hello there!

I was searching the internet to answer this question but this time, I could not find a clear answer to following scenario:

Let's say I cast Sanity Grinding and I reveal 8x Lands, 1x Commit // Memory and 1x Trial // Error, how many cards would I be able to mill in this scenario?

Thanks in advance for answers!

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