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Deck Comments / Re: RWB ETB Trigger Abuse - Comments
« en: Mayo 15, 2019, 06:06:41 am »
Etched Monstrosity isn't affected by the EtB denial effect, in this deck it's just a worse Leveler.
Also, since every EtB create here are read with just their other abilities, it'd be best to have a playset of of Dust elemental and remove the hunted lammasu.

Other than that, I'd say there's too many EtB creatures and too few EtB denial cards, they're essential to this deck as the othee creatures are very, very bad without them. It would be best to have a playset of both and ways to get them quicker (tutors, filtering, looting, scrylands, etc). You're screwed if you don't get the orb or the tocatli guard or if they get out of play before you can put a creature into play.

Yep, Stromkirk Captain is quite good, and since it's still black it doesnt break Nocturnus ability

Bloodghast is pretty good too (but money expensive) and is very sacrificeable to Kalitas
My vampire deck is about killing creatures, but Blade of the Bloodchief could be nice here too If you happen to kill enough. However it may slow down the deck a bit.

Deck Comments / Re: Sacrifice Glass of Rakdos Guild - Comments
« en: Abril 30, 2019, 05:59:55 am »
Have you considered Thud? Yes, it's a sorcery, but it's also more efficient than Hearthfire, at least if the creature has power higher or equal to 4

Deck Comments / Re: B/B artifact - Comments
« en: Abril 08, 2019, 05:43:27 pm »
I'd swap Spire of Industry with Glimmervoid if possible

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