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You should check this out! There’s people at all power levels and from all places, so you can fill a pod basically 24/7!

General Magic / Re: I am building a set! Would you like to help?
« en: Marzo 10, 2020, 06:28:27 pm »
I do like your version of Berserker at the very least because it’s simpler and more concise. I wonder if there might be a way to keep the simplicity but still have some drawback when you run out of rage. Maybe it could just be something like this creature gets -X/-X if it has no rage counters? In V1 it was mostly on red, with a few black and green bois mixed in, I think that’s the way to go.

You’re right on Mutate I should probably just make my own thing and then once stuff gets spoiled I can see if I want to make the switch or forge my own path... perhaps instead of a cost to pay it could be a triggered ability, so if you attack with your creature it may gain flying or it may get a -1/-1 counter, or if you draw more than one card a turn, or ... etc... That would also make room in the set for a card or two that block certain triggered abilities in order to “lock in” a mutation that you like. This feels VERY simic, maybe with a little black thrown in if a mutation could grant persist or something.

For Channel, maybe it would be paired with a sac cost? I could imagine a creature that has Channel 3, for example, saying: When you tap 3 (exactly 3?) lands to pay for a single spell, you may sacrifice this creature. If you do, that spell gains ... something cool. This feels green since it’s lands matter, but flavor-wise I think it fits with the wizards of the plane, so I’d put in in esper or jeskai colors...

And ripple, yeah I kind of just want to toss onto some cards and see what sticks. I get the sense that this format will have a lot of inconsistency between games with so many random effects, but I can try to put in cards to tip the scales of fate or I can embrace it and make a real chaotic plane haha

General Magic / Re: I am building a set! Would you like to help?
« en: Marzo 10, 2020, 07:44:19 am »
Big Update!
Hello people of Deckstats! I have news for you all who’ve been eagerly awaiting it (and for the rest of you too)! I finished the first draft of the set, built a few booster packs and ran a few playtests. It was fun, and I was happy with a lot of the cards I created on their own. However, the set as a whole underwhelmed me...

But WHY?
I’m glad you asked, I have a few thoughts on this. First of all, part of it is just the natural crash of being done with such a large project. For a fair while I always had new ideas and tweaks running through my mind, and labeling the set as “done” took that away. Second of all, labeling it as done was setting myself up to be disappointed, the first draft was never going to be as fun as playing a brand-new set of actual professionally-designed magic, and yet I still hoped it would be in the back of my mind. Third, I had a good approach to card design, but a very bad approach to set design. Only about halfway through did I actually start doing any real math with regards to card type distributions across colors and rarities, tracking average CMCs across card types, etc... And I never even got to tracking specific type of effects. I couldn’t tell you for sure how many ETBs are in the set, how many cards gain life, how many combat tricks there are, how much removal there is, etc... I have a gut feeling about all of these, and I’m sure the answers are buried in my subconscious, but I don’t have them right now. Throw in a whole lot of flavor that feels like it should tie in somewhere else but doesn’t and the nightmare of balancing the power of five tribes, and I’m pretty close to nowhere. With all that lacking, it’d be incredibly hard to happen upon a well-balanced set that’s comparably fun to play. Still, with all of these problems, I’m proud I managed to grind through this process, the last 50 cards really felt like a slog. My spirit is not broken!

So, now what?
I’m glad you asked that too! To be honest, the prospect of going back and doing a giant data-entry grind to document all the info I need makes me want to puke/Lightning Bolt someone, and I think that while there are good cards in the set, the set as a whole is far enough from balanced that I want to just cleanse the whole thing and start again. I’ll keep the cards I’ve got designed so I can slot them into the set if they still fit, but I’m going to do a big set design push with as close to 0 specific card design involved as possible. This is how I should’ve started in the first place, but I got caught up in the fun parts of making a set and I forgot to do the actual important bits. This time I’m also starting at common. Coming up with the main characters of the story and overarching themes is great, but I’m going to hold off on turning those into cards until I get through the commons, uncommons, etc... I will try to keep you all updated more regularly this time (perhaps a daily/weekly brief of my progress) as this will also help make sure my ideas are at least organizable enough to put into a post here.

How can I help?
Well, first of all, send good vibes my way. Going from the high of designing bomb mythics and rares to slogging through commons to having to enter like 20 data points each for 275 cards to finally playing the cards and being kind of disappointed has left me a bit burnt out, so all positive energy helps! Second, keep the ideas coming. Even those I don’t respond directly to, I read and file for future use. Especially useful are ideas for mechanics or effects that you would like to see again/for the first time. Third of all, let me know your thoughts on the following big mechanics for the set:

This is where it all kind of started and I still like it. At the very least I’m not ready to cut it quite yet. The biggest problem is how to balance it so that it’s not overpowered at common or meh and rare. I’m also still deciding how many cards I want to even have the ability. It’s not going to be anywhere near the way constellation was for Theros, but maybe something closer to the new heroic cards? In its current form, the berserker ability says:

Berserker X (This creature enters the battlefield with X rage counters. A rage counter may be removed at any time to prevent lethal damage. If this creature would be dealt any damage while it has no rage counters, sacrifice it.)
Let me know your thoughts!

This ability will be in Ikoria, but as of this post we don’t know what it will do. My money is on it granting or removing keywords from cards, perhaps for a mana cost as an activated ability like adapt or maybe as an alternate/additional cost to casting (I’m imagining like a hydroid krasis that enters with abilities instead of counters). Maybe it’ll even be a flip/transform effect. Once we see a preview I guess we’ll know for sure. For now, though, I want to try to play with it could be like, so here’s what I’ve got:

{x}: Mutate N. This creature gains N of the following abilities chosen at random. Mutate each creature only once and only at any time you could play a sorcery.

This one is brand new. It wasn’t in the first draft and it hasn’t been put on any cards yet but I’d like to toy with it a bit. This has the potential to be THE flagship mechanic for the set like landfall for Zendikar or constellation for Theros. Right now it reads

Channel - Whenever N or more lands are tapped for mana to pay for a single spell, X happens.
This ability would sometimes do good things, sometimes bad things, sometimes just weird things. Flavor-wise I like how this reflects the untamed nature of mana on the plane and design-wise I feel like I’d have a lot of freedom to just toss in effects since only the trigger is consistent across cards. Rules wise it’s very close to just being a cast trigger right now, but I like the fact that using artifacts or creatures to create your mana helps control the effects of the plane’s kooky mana. I’m also not married to the ability’s name, so I’m definitely taking suggestions on that as well as the actual functionality of the mechanic.

Ripple is nothing new, it’s from Coldsnap. I liked it a lot, and I always like number of this card matters effects like goblin gathering, rat colony, etc... It reads:

Ripple N (When you cast this spell, you may reveal the top N cards of your library. You may cast any revealed cards with the same name as this spell without paying their mana costs. Put the rest on the bottom of your library.)

You made it this far, yay!
Hey, good job, you made it to the end! A few final notes to wrap up this update: Like I said, my spirit is not broken, I’m going to return to the drawing board stronger than ever and start fresh. I’m currently working on becoming an L1 judge so hopefully that’ll make me a better designer as well, but I’m far from having all the information there is to have. Your help (yes, YOU) is always much appreciated. Other stuff I’m working on: considering adding another element to my dev sessions by streaming them on twitch or something and maybe starting a patreon (probably not a kickstarter since that’d DEFO get me in hot legal waters with wizards) to help finance all the play testing I want to do, eventually commission real art for some cards (not that Pinterest hasn’t been good to me). If you have experience with either of those types of things I’d appreciate any thoughts you have on this kind of endeavor. Enough non-magicky stuff though, thanks again for reading through all this, make sure you check back for more updates.

General Magic / Re: I am building a set! Would you like to help?
« en: Febrero 11, 2020, 05:57:45 pm »
I'd be interested in hearing more about the mechanics you want to include and what kind of factions you plan to make cards for. It sounds like Ob-Nixilis will have a lot of horror / elemental followers and the natives will have some inexperienced but newly powerful mages. Maybe more coon flip stuff for mages to reflect their recent rise to power? Giving powerful abilities a chance to fizzle or hinder you instead could be an interesting way to balance. Also, I'd like a Krark's Thumb reprint if you roll with that idea. Regardless, seeing the potential of Berserker to be a big part of the set, I'd like a Vampire Hexmage reprint.

I just finished the first draft of the complete set, Vampire Hexmage was a great call, went right in! Rather than reprint Krak's Thumb though, I went ahead and made a new chance-focused artifact (see end of this post). As for the tribes, I seem to generally be doing Zombies, Wizards, Humans, Giants, and Elves, but still a lot of reworking to be done and the way that they actually work is far from set in stone. I do like coin-flipping mages, right now there are only one or two, but I hope to increase that number when I can look at all the cards in front of me at once and see what I can tweak. Another thing I've been focusing on is symmetrical effects, to reflect the fact that even those who can tap into the plane's mana can't fully contain and control it.

Orb of Possibilities {x}{x}


Orb of Possibilities enters with X charge counters on it.

{t}, Remove a charge counter from Orb of Possibilities: Repeat any random action. (i.e. a coin flip, a die roll, random targeting, etc...) You must keep the new result.

General Magic / Re: I am building a set! Would you like to help?
« en: Febrero 04, 2020, 05:21:30 pm »
I like the Berserker ability quite a bit. I personally would also like to see it as well offensively. Something like remove a rage counter and deal double damage or remove rage counter and deal damage as if the creature wasn't being blocked.

I like that idea! I am worried about it getting out of hand kind of quick, but on lower Berserker count creatures that could work! Here are some other Berserker creatures that I have drafts of:

Odol, Shielded by Madness {X}{r}{r}

Legendary Creature - Human Warrior (Mythic Rare)

Berserker X

Odol’s power and toughness are each equal to the number of Rage counters on him.


Valdborn Berserker {3}{r}

Creature - Giant Warrior (Rare)

Trample, Berserker 3

Whenever another creature you control with Berserker attacks, it gets menace and +X/+O until end of turn, where X is equal to the number of rage counters on it.


I originally forgot to mention the changes I’ve made to Berserker since the first post, I’ve edited my big update post to reflect it but to summarize: Berserkers now are automatically sacrificed when they lose their last rage counter.

General Magic / Re: I am building a set! Would you like to help?
« en: Febrero 04, 2020, 07:12:06 am »
Wow I freaking love that actually! I think at that point I would rebrand them from the storm twins to some unpredictable/uncontrollable but very powerful mage (which would tie in with stat drop), but they were pretty out of place already anyway.

General Magic / Re: I am building a set! Would you like to help?
« en: Febrero 04, 2020, 04:23:38 am »
Again, I think this is a really cool idea and I'm just trying to provide some feedback. Also, I mostly play EDH, so take this with a grain of salt. Except the stuff about Storm Twins. They're definitely bonkers.

If all I got was good feedback, there really wouldn’t be any point, so thank you!

Let’s start with Storm Twins. Yep, they’re broken. Just absurd. They also don’t really fit the theme of the set as much as I’d like. To be honest, I struggled to come up with an Izzet flagship card that didn’t feel like a near-functional reprint of something that already existed, but maybe I should lean a little more into what already exists and just put my spin on it. Anyway I figured I’d put them out there in their current WTF form and see if they sparked any ideas.

Vokter I think is a product of me starting my designing with primarily rares and mythics haha. He’s way too mana efficient for uncommon. I’m thinking of changing his familiar to 1/1 flying without the food ability but giving Vokter a Soul Warden-esque ability instead.

Thanks for better wording on Kelser, struggled finding the concise version.

And Ondsvalt. I actually originally had him at 4/4 or 5/5 with the fight ability reading like you suggested, but I intentionally powered him up and changed the wording. First of all, flavorfully, he’s supposed to cleanse the whole world by devouring it so it can start anew, he feels like he shouldn’t be totally asymmetrical. And then balance-wise, I think it makes sense to have this as well. You’ll probably have him out at a time when you have mostly if not entirely green creatures out, so Ondsvalt won’t be in danger of dying from fighting your own creatures, but you WILL have to sacrifice a fair bit of your army if you want to drop a giant Ondsvalt when your opponent already has no board. Maybe I’m wrong and he would be better the way you suggest, but that’s where I’m coming from.

Anyway, thanks again for checking out the cards and for the feedback!

General Magic / Re: I am building a set! Would you like to help?
« en: Febrero 04, 2020, 01:28:09 am »
Progress Report
Hi everyone! I've just hit a certain milestone so I thought it'd be a good time to update everyone on how it's been going. I'm now at 50 original cards designed for Bounty of the North, with plenty more on the drawing board. That puts me at about 20% of my goal, but I have a feeling the first 20% is the easiest. So, I can still use all the help I can get!

How you can help!
1. Like I said, the first 20% is the easiest, and I still need a couple of bomb mythics, a good amount of playable rares, a bunch of solid uncommons, and all those sweet, sweet commons! If you have any ideas for cool flavorful cards for the set, don't hesitate to post them! If you're interested in being a big part of the design of Bounty of the North, PM me and let's swap ideas!
2. Although I've been focusing on making new cards, I've also identified about half of the already existing cards I want in the set, so keep the reprint ideas coming!
3. Stay up to date on the progress of the set by turning on notifications for this thread and following me on mtgcardsmith ( That way, you can be the first to see new cards as I turn them out and give me valuable feedback. Without feedback, I'm just gonna end up with a bunch of disjointed, unbalanced cards. They could still be cool, but that wouldn't be a set.

New Cards
And now, some new goodies for you! All of these and more are already available on, but here's a selection of favorites:

Ondsvalt, the Endbringer {4}{g}{g}{g}

Legendary Creature - Elemental Wurm (Mythic Rare)

Trample, protection from monocolored
When Ondsvalt, the Endbringer enters the battlefield, you may sacrifice any number of lands. If you do, it enters with that many +1/+1 counters and fights that many creatures.


Kelser, First Among Equals {w}{u}{b}

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard (Mythic Rare)

Wizard spells you cast cost {1} less to cast.

Whenever a wizard enters the battlefield under your control, exile target instant or sorcery from your graveyard under it. For as long as that wizard remains on the battlefield, you may cast that spell, then exile it normally.


Storm Twins {3}{r}{r}{u}{u}

Legendary Creature - Wurm (Mythic Rare)

Flying, Double Strike

Storm Twins doesn't untap during your untap step unless it was dealt damage since your last untap step.

Spells you control with a single target have Storm.


Vokter, Lively Exile {1}{w}{g}

Legendary Creature, Elf Scout (Uncommon)

When Vokter, Lively Exile enters the battlefield, create Kurre, Trusted Friend, a legendary 2/1 green and white creature token with flying, first strike and "When this creature deals combat damage to a player, create a food token."


Changes to Berserker
After doing some balancing regarding berserker cards, I decided there needed to be a way for them to have low enough mana cost to be effective in aggro without being totally overpowered comaprwd to existing aggro staples. Here is my current solution:

Berserker X
(This creature enters the battlefield with X rage counters. If it would be dealt damage, remove a rage counter from it and prevent that damage. Sacrifice this card if it has no rage counters on it.)

By making whatever amount of damage removes the last rage counter lethal, defenders against Berserker can be a bit more strategic in how they go about using their spells, and attackers may decide they don’t want to waste their rage attacking into a measly 1/1. It also opens up a lot of synergy with Rakdos sacrifice. Berserker is obviously still in development, but at the moment the only change I’m still mulling over is whether removing a rage counter should just prevent all damage for that turn, so that a board of 1/1s can’t totally ruin a Berserker’s day. Although maybe a board of 1/1s SHOULD ruin a berserker’s day. Let me know what you think.

Next Update
Tune in next time for a cycle of Sagas and more Planeswalkers! Remember, you can see everything ahead of time by following me at

General Magic / Re: I am building a set! Would you like to help?
« en: Febrero 01, 2020, 12:31:42 am »
Thank you all for the responses! When I posted I thought there was a decent chance I would end up being the only person posting on this thread, but it’s so cool that y’all have gotten involved. Here are my thoughts:

On Raseri: Yes, she’s a bit OP. I like her at cmc 3, so nerfs are needed. I think dropping her ability to one additional counter is totally reasonable, especially when I consider walking ballista or just all walkers entering with two extra counters. I also agree that in its current form berserker 4 is too good. Either I need to rethink how the ability works, or Raseri needs to only have Berserker 1 or 2 at most. One option I’ve considered is removing “may” from the ability and having to sacrifice the creature when the last is removed. I like her power and toughness about where it is, but I could see her at 4/3 or 5/2.

On Haft (and keywords): I’m very much counting on the keyword counters that will be in Ikoria on this one, otherwise keeping track would be awful like y’all have mentioned. His original ability was exiling cards from your graveyard in order to redistribute the counters and keywords, do we think that could be better?

On Olvudel: Yep, should totally be exile target nonland. That was an oversight on my part and being able to hit lands would be too much. I also think his ability should only trigger when you exile one of your own permanents.

On Gudom: Very much a card born from flavor, do you think that making his -1 into a -2 would be enough balance? The reason I had it at -1 is that I want him to be able to still gain loyalty while rotating between his + and his -, especially since his + isn’t gonna be especially useful until you’ve used the -.

On Calix: I like the abilities, but I think the card reveals some issues with my choosing to use calix in the set. His current identity is inextricably linked to enchantments, and right now I don’t envision this as an enchantment-heavy set. I wonder if we could explore the other side of Calix: he is an agent of destiny, and while scry, surveil, and similar abilities aren’t very white or green, I would like to find some way for his abilities to move away from enchantments slightly (doesn’t have to be entirely). Maybe suspend or a suspend-like ability could find its way into his design somehow.

Once again, I appreciate the feedback and ideas from all y’all, even those I didn’t specifically address in this post. I’m keeping all of it in mind as I build the set and everything goes into my ever-growing ideas doc which is gonna look like a mad scientist’s notebook before too long haha.

General Magic / I am building a set! Would you like to help?
« en: Enero 31, 2020, 07:41:40 am »
Hi deckstats friends! I've recently started building a set, which is a fairly large undertaking (who knew?). In terms of card design, I'm not very deep (like 5 cards haha) but I'm very happy with the setting I've built for it. I'm going to dive into describing what's already been done and what my vision is in a second, but first I'd like to outline how you can be involved!

How You Can Help
1. Tell me what cards you'd like to see reprinted. I want the set to be very original, but every set needs reprints! What cards (within reason) do you think should make a grand reappearance?
2. Tell me what cards that don't yet exist you'd like to see. As I said, the cards themselves are in the very early stages, and this is a chance to make some cool things you think magic needs!
3. Tell me your impressions of the set. I will regularly update this post with new cards as they are created, or revised, and there will be A LOT of that, trust me. I know there are people out there with significantly more knowledge of the cards already out there, and I'd love to hear how you think these cards would interact with anything and everything, especially outside of Standard.
4. Playtesting. We're not there yet, but eventually, I hope to have a full set built, and I don't want to just stop there. The goal is to have a downloadable proxy set that can be easily printed so people can mess around with these cards and find the broken janky stuff I missed in V1. If trying out a bunch of new cards with your friends for free sounds like something that interests you, keep an eye on this thread!

Bounty of the North
And now, the moment you've been waiting for: What the hell is this set about? Without further ado, I present to you, Bounty of the North, set on the plane of Krisegard. The story of the set revolves around the awakening of mana on Krisegard. The story actually told by the set spans four acts, but I've also written a brief passage about the more ancient history of Krisegard, and about the aftermath of all the events that take place in Bounty of the North.

History of Krisegard
Magical beings have always existed on Krisegard, but they have not been especially powerful or numerous. Trolls, Giants, and other monsters are typically hunted down by large war parties as soon as they are discovered, while Elves and Human mages are tolerated as long as they prove themselves useful as court mages, soldiers, healers, etc... This means that while the existence of magic is a widely known fact, it has very little impact on the daily lives of most people. Krisegard is very much a plane on which the magical exists in spite of the commonplace, rather than the other way around. Society on Krisegard is not organized by race or color affiliation, but rather simply into Viking-like clans with longstanding warrior cultures. Magic occasionally finds its way into these disputes, but the weakness of the leylines under Krisegard combined with the lack of experienced mages makes those occurrences rare and not especially impactful outliers. All this is soon to change, and that is where Bounty of the North picks up.

Act 1: Calix Ignites Krisegard
Worlds away on Theros, Elspeth has just managed to planeswalk away after escaping the underworld and defeating Heliod. Calix, created with the sole purpose of hunting Elspeth down, has his spark ignited by the prospect of failing in his life's sole destiny and randomly planeswalks away as all new planeswalkers do... to Krisegard. The presence of Calix's ignited spark awakens the until-now dormant leylines under Krisegard, intense flares of mana rising up to meet a host at long last. You see, just like powerful mages need to draw mana from the land in order to cast spells, leylines need powerful mages to draw mana from them in order to contain them and help them grow sustainably. On most planes, this happens gradually, as creatures that are randomly born with magical abilities tap into the trace amounts of mana on their plane, prompting the emergence of more mana, which infuses more beings with magical abilities, and so on and so on. On Krisegard however, so few magical creatures and magic users were born and allowed to flourish that the leylines were left to slowly get bigger and bigger beneath the surface of the plane until a being powerful enough to draw it out appeared and the mana burst to the surface of the plane uncontrolled like a dam bursting.

Act Two: Plane in Chaos
Months after Calix's arrival, things have only gotten worse on Krisegard. All sorts of new, more powerful magical creatures start appearing and ravaging the land. Mages now find huge amounts of mana flowing all around them, and those once only capable of parlor tricks begin reshaping the plane as they see fit, in many cases replacing the warlords they once were forced to serve. The mana flares even affect the dead on Krisegard, as beings long-dead return to walk among the living, reanimated by pure magical energy coursing through them, only with a desperate need to consume all the mana they can in order to stay alive. Amidst all this, the nonmagical factions that once fought over land and ancient disputes have been forced into an uneasy alliance against the horrors that now walk their plane. They manage to hold a few strongholds, but it's all they can do to just survive, let alone try to reclaim their ancestral lands overrun by monsters or stolen by wizard-kings. Calix wanders Krisegard amidst all this, empowered by the mana flares, but still untrained in the use of his spark and unable to escape in order to fulfill his destiny.

Act Three: Walkers at War
As Calix roams the plane at war, all the activity on Krisegard draws the attention of some other planeswalkers. The first is Tamiyo, who is fascinated by such an enormous eruption of mana on a plane previously so devoid of it. She suspects Krisegard may hold clues as to the origins of mana itself, and cannot resist going to investigate. When she arrives, she is appalled by the chaos the plane has been thrown into and weighs getting involved to try to alleviate some of the pain and suffering rather than remaining a neutral observer. The second planeswalker who arrives forces her hand. Ob-Nixilis also senses the eruption of mana on Krisegard and sees an opportunity to reap the benefits of huge amounts of uncontrolled mana. On arriving, he leaps right into action, harvesting death, gorging on mana, and growing more powerful by the day. As he does this, he encounters Calix and Tamiyo. As an agent of Destiny, Calix understands respects Tamiyo's efforts to understand the world around her, and she is eager to glean what secrets she can from him. They form a friendship and ally in order to battle Ob-Nixilis. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Krisegard, this battle of three titans upends the balance of power once more, and those who thought themselves the new master of the plane are forced to take sides. Most of the magical humans ally themselves with Calix and Tamiyo, hoping to drive out some of the chaos and monsters invading their lands. Most of the monsters and undead ally themselves with Ob-Nixilis, the more sentient among them hoping to become the uncontested rulers of Krisegard, the mindless simply drawn to his raw power. This presents an opportunity for those on the plane who still reject magic, and they send out numerous raiding parties to reclaim their lands while the forces of magic are busy in a plane-wide war.

Act Four: The Rise and Fall of Gudom Vaktare
As Calix and Tamiyo desperately try to hold off Ob-Nixilis and his forces, loose mana surges powerfully around them, catching anything that happens to be nearby in the crossfire. One person so caught is Gudom Vaktare, a member of a raiding party sent to recapture land that once belonged to his clan. An especially large mana eruption strikes Gudom and he appears to have been killed, not that the world around him has the leisure to take notice. However, just as Ob-Nixilis is about to strike down Tamiyo, Gudom rises glowing red and white, wielding spark-like abilities. He engages all three planeswalkers at once, channeling the power of his plane to get revenge on those he sees as the cause of the destruction of his home. Unfortunately, while he possesses great raw power, he is still too inexperienced to use it to fight effectively. Seeing that the fight is hopeless, he begins drawing as much mana as he can out of the heart of Krisegard and puts it all into one mighty blow, not aimed at any of his rival planeswalkers, but directly at the leylines beneath them. In a heroic act of self-sacrifice, Gudom gives his life to wipe magic from Krisegard. Thanks to his power of foresight, Calix is able to warn Tamiyo of what is about to happen and she manages to planeswalk away, allowing Calix to follow in her wake. Ob-Nixilis gets no such warning and is destroyed along with Gudom in the blast.

While all sources of magic on Krisegard seem to have been wiped away by Gudom’s sacrifice, as nothing like this has ever happened before it is unknown if the leylines have been truly destroyed or simply completely tapped out for the time being. Krisegard slowly begins its very gradual return to normalcy, but if the leylines ever reawaken, it may all be for naught.

Thanks for getting this far!
So, you made it through the story of the set, good job! I appreciate you taking the time to read it and I hope it was both a fun read and a good look into the world this set takes place in. I also know there's a chance you've just scrolled this far to get to the cards, and I won't leave you hanging. Keep in mind that this is the first draft and that in a few weeks (or even days) these first few cards may be totally different if they even still exist at all. BUT, that progress can only be made with YOUR help, so put your new card analysis cap on.

Raseri, Rage Queen


Legendary Creature - Human Warrior (Rare)

Berserker 4 (This creature enters the battlefield with 4 rage counters. If it would be dealt damage, you may remove a rage counter from it. If you do, prevent that damage.)
Whenever another creature you control would enter the battlefield with one or more counters of any type on it, you may have it enter with that many plus two counters of that type instead.

5 / 3

Haft, Master Reassembler


Legendary Creature - Zombie Wizard (Mythic Rare)

Whenever another creature is put into your graveyard from anywhere, distribute up to X +1/+1 counters among creatures you control, where X is that creature's converted mana cost.
If it had any keyword abilities, distribute those too.

2 / 3

Olvudel, the Partially-Named


Legendary Creature - Human Wizard (Rare)

Whenever a spell or ability you control exiles a permanent, gain 1 life and draw a card.
{3}{w},{t}: Exile target permanent. You may return it to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.

2 / 2

Gudom, the Savior


Legendary Planeswalker - Gudom (Mythic Rare)

+2: Return a card you own from exile to your hand.
-1: Exile up to two cards from your graveyard. For each card exiled this way, create a 2/2 White and Red Human Warrior creature token.
-8: Destroy all permanents with mana abilities.

Starting Loyalty: 4

How You Can Help (Again)!
You've made it all the way to the end; I think congratulations and thanks are once again in order. If you're interested in being a part of the development of Bounty of the North in any way, please don't hesitate to reply to this post or send me a private message with any and all thoughts on specific cards, mechanics, storylines, cool art, etc... I'm sure you noticed new wacky things going on in the new cards, and it's gonna take a lot to narrow it down to just the coolest, most balanced stuff. But it wouldn't be fun if it were easy! If you just want to stay updated on how it's going, make sure to like and follow this thread, where I will do my best to post somewhat regular updates. You can also check out my card gallery on mtgcardsmith (jonahwarner227) where I will be uploading and updating all the card designs as this project progresses. Thanks again for taking the time to read this whole thing, and I'm excited to work with you on Bounty of the North!

See you on Krisegard!

Deck Reviews / Re: [Horde] Advice for a Goblin Horde
« en: Enero 22, 2020, 05:04:36 pm »
Thanks for the tips, and I did look through your list Morganator, it looks dope! One thing I noticed is that your token list is only 100 cards, doesn't that make it mill out kinda quick? Do you think the reveal until you hit a non-token is more or less powerful than just snowballing every few turn cycles? Obviously it depends on how many tokens you put in and how often it ramps up, but... any thoughts? Currently working on a token version of the gobbos and made a zombie horde with the token approach to try it out.

Deck Reviews / Re: [Horde] Advice for a Goblin Horde
« en: Enero 21, 2020, 05:34:35 pm »
Oh and here’s the ruleset/programming for the Goblin Horde, any suggestions on this would be appreciated too.

The Goblin Horde starts with 0 cards in hand and gets more and more powerful in phases. The horde enters a new phase every 4 human turn cycles.
In Phase 0, the horde draws 0 cards on its turn.
In Phase 1, the horde draws 1 card on its turn.
In Phase 2, the horde draws 2 cards on its turn.
In Phase 3, the horde draws 3 cards on its turn.
In Phase 4, the horde draws 4 cards on its turn.
In Phase 5+, the horde draws 4 cards on its turn and creatures the horde controls get +X/+0, where X is the phase number minus 2.
The Goblin Horde takes a turn in between each human player’s turn (including turns that would be taken by eliminated players).
Each turn, the Goblin Horde plays all the cards in its hand during its first main phase without paying their mana costs.
Each turn, all creatures the Goblin Horde controls attack the same randomly chosen player if able.
The Goblin Horde always targets the player with the lowest life total with spells/abilities when given a choice, and targets players before creatures.
The Goblin Horde always targets the creature with the most power with spells/abilities when given a choice.
The Goblin Horde always targets the highest-loyalty planeswalkers with spells/abilities when given a choice, and targets planeswalkers before creatures or players.
The Goblin Horde’s graveyard cannot be interacted with.
The Goblin Horde is considered as just another human player for “target player, target opponent, each player, each opponent, etc...” effects.
The Goblin Horde does not block, and takes damage in the form of mill.
The Goblin Horde only loses if it runs out of cards AND it has no creatures in play.

Special Instances:
The Goblin Horde always activates Skirk Fire Marshal once per turn before combat if able, and prioritizes tapping creatures that would be destroyed.
The Goblin Horde never sacrifices creatures to use Goblin Trashmaster’s second ability.
The Goblin Horde cannot pay Goblin Marshal’s echo cost.
If Goblin Goon is in play and not affected by summoning sickness, the Goblin Horde’s target for the turn is determined randomly among players Goblin Goon can legally attack. If there are no legal attacks for Goblin Goon, the target is chosen randomly among all players and Goblin Goon does not attack.

Deck Reviews / [Horde] Advice for a Goblin Horde
« en: Enero 21, 2020, 05:32:48 pm »
Hi y’all, I’m building a horde deck to be used kind of like an archenemy non-human player. I found the idea on Commander Vs. but I’m sure they didn’t invent it and that lots of other people have tried this out. I’m looking for advice on what makes a good Horde deck, how to find a good power level for it, etc... If anyone has experience building/playing with this kind of deck please leave a comment on how I could improve this, I think it could be a great addition to commander sessions if I can tune it right.

Deck: Goblin Horde for co-op EDH

Deck Reviews / Re: [EDH / Commander] Noyan Dar’s $65 Spellbook
« en: Diciembre 10, 2019, 07:06:04 am »
Thanks for the tips, some great options there. Didn’t go with both indestructible lands because even just a few dollars for a card is generally above what I’m looking to spend. The only cards in the deck that cost that much are in my ramp package because otherwise I don’t really get to play the rest of the deck :/ and even those I’d be willing to switch if I wasn’t sacrificing too much power. Anyway, managed to trim it to $65 with your help, let me know if you spot anything else!

Deck Reviews / [EDH / Commander] Noyan Dar’s $65 Spellbook
« en: Diciembre 09, 2019, 07:14:39 am »

Hi deckstats friends! I built this deck inspired by the newest Commander’s Quarters video on Talrand, but I wanted to change it up a tiny bit. Basically he deck wants to put out Noyan and/or Talrand and other friends then turn every cheap spell into another piece of a growing army. My biggest concerns are these: creature lands very vulnerable to board wipes, average mana cost just above 3 might be too high for what I want to do, and how can I shrink the budget even more. I know that I could step this up some pretty easily just by running Sol Ring, Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Isochron Scepter but I want to keep it very budget friendly. In fact, for those of you who enjoy brewing in a budget, my dream is to get it down to $50. Cutting Smothering Tithe and Aetherflux Reservoir would definitely help with that, but at what cost to performance? Anyway thanks as always for any feedback on the deck and suggestions to improve it!

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