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Deck Comments / Re: Vince Carter 5 - Comments
« en: Junio 16, 2024, 06:03:58 am »
faded returned the cards

Deck Comments / Re: Aegar control (Artisan) - Comments
« en: Junio 16, 2024, 05:51:00 am »
6/14/24: Swiss Championship Artisan (4-0)
R1 - Vs. Ty GW Enchantments  2 - 1
R2 - Vs. Holyman RW Knights  2 - 0
R3 - Vs. Faded GR Modify 2 - 0
R4 - Vs. DeckSmith WU Artifact beatdown 2 - 1

Notes from event, Aegar and the big brother arch :D The deck has proven to be the best deck has seen to date. R1 enchantments had the chance to take the set but Ty was not patient enough and tapped out with Alseid of Life's Bounty on the field playing all that glitters. I was able to burn the creature on my turn and took the game in g3. All that glitters is the most apparent threat in GW enchantments. r2 was an easy 2-0 vs Holyman, Aegar continues to dominate low to the ground aggro decks. r3 i had the surprising opponent of Faded who played a deck that i authored years ago that i fondly refer to Johnny Bravo beatdown. Aegar was able to stifle Fadeds creatures in both g1 and g2 before problems were able to present themselves. Round 4 was hard, Playing against my brothers new WU Artifact beatdown deck that beat me last month while i was playing Vampires for the title. I lost g1 with out being able to put up much of a fight. I hit my side board hard for 8 cards all burn but bumping abrade up from one copy in the main deck to 4. G2 DeckSmith had to mulligan twice took a 5 card hand and for a couple turns i was actually losing that game. Aegar was able to take it back over and close out g2 vs a gimped opponent but the feeling i had in my stomach going into g3 vs what i now understand is one of the most powerful artisan decks to ever get shuffled at the table was bad. Seeing as i only just edged out a win in g2 i started to have doubt come into my mind from the understanding about what i was up against. I brushed that shit off and reminded myself InAegarWeTrust. G3 was competitive i was able to stifle my brother and slowly drain his resources in a back and forth match i was able to stick avalanche caller and close out the game. This completed the Big brother chapter in the Aegar story. With the Vampires losing the championship to the new power house deck at the table. Aegar came back to prove he is still the best deck in the game.

Aegar now has 4 titles in Artisan and is 21 - 2 overall.

Deck Comments / Re: Goblin tribal - Comments
« en: Junio 11, 2024, 05:17:11 am »
5/3/24: Round Robin Two Headed Giant Runner up (3-2) w/Ty playing WU Reamaimator
R1 - Vs. Faded & Virginia RU Dragons & Mono Black W
R2 - Vs. Pickles & Waddell Mono Red burn & Mono Black drain W
R3 - Vs. King Fro & Slump Double Poison combo L
R4 - Vs. Holyman & Ginger Reigh RW Dwarves & Mono Green Knights W
Finals - Vs. King Fro & Slump Double Poison combo L

Notes from event, Decks played well together. Eric brough tormods crypt and hard countered my partners deck the first time we played. Likely we win that game with out the tech in hand t1.

Deck Comments / Re: Tyler Reanimator - Comments
« en: Junio 11, 2024, 05:04:50 am »
card came in. Took card out to play 3rd copy of depopulate

Deck Comments / Re: Blu Red Wizards - Comments
« en: Junio 11, 2024, 04:56:02 am »
This deck should not go over 60 cards, you need to find slickshot showoff every game if you can. The more cards you have the less likely that is to happen.

Deck Comments / Re: Vince Carter 5 - Comments
« en: Junio 10, 2024, 03:42:43 am »
Faded barrowed 2 Recruitment Officer and 4 Hopeful Initiate

Deck Comments / Re: Beast Wars Tribal - Comments
« en: Junio 09, 2024, 07:36:31 am »
And we are a two division champion with this one!

6/7/24: Round Robin Championship THG w/ Ty WU Reanimator (3-0)
R1 - Vs. Faded & Vader, WU artifact & GU Outcaster combo 1 - 0
R2 - Vs. DeckSmith & Teshawn, Mono White Humans & Cabaretti 1 - 0
R3 - Vs. Holyman & Ginger Reigh, RW Dwarves & Mono G Knights 1 - 0

Notes from event, Vader went to doombroski card shop and picked up a $45 standard netdeck built around Outcaster Trailblazer the deck is just a sort of infinite gimmik. Vader failed to rip the combo in our set and was an anchor to his team and got beat down for it. In my round 2  vs DeckSmith i was setting up a board wip with Ty having depopulate in hand. Tashan and DeckSmith had imposing boards, We passed turn knowing a hit was incoming. Prior to combat decsmith plays Selfless Glyphweaver this hurt since now our board wipe is not going to hit his board. Decksmith pushed advantage sending 4 attackers my way. I sold out on the blocks attempting to give him the best deal possible for sacing Selfless Glyphweaver. He took the bait i sold it like i misplayed. They passed turn and Ty played depopulate and thats all she wrote i was able to take the game over as i had preped for a couple turns before that. R3 was a ruthless beatdown of a much less talented team. The players were optimal but it seemed like we were just there to bully Holyman. DeckSmith and Tashawn earned a rematch in the finals but decided not to play it.

Deck Comments / Re: Night of the Hunt BW Artisan - Comments
« en: Junio 09, 2024, 07:14:14 am »
After playing against this deck you need to find cards what will win you the game. You have the unicorn that will but you have to find more ways to reliably gain life.

Deck Comments / Re: BG Phyrexian Destruction (WIP) (arena) - Comments
« en: Junio 09, 2024, 07:10:46 am »
I like where this is going, how about grafted butcher? Also lets see some Deathcap Glade in there and maybe a couple pain lands like Llanowar Wastes. I know this was built for standard but we can tune the mana base for our own Showcase league and add the pathways and Agadeem's Awakening

Deck Comments / Re: Aegar & the Heavyweights (Tribal) - Comments
« en: Junio 09, 2024, 07:04:46 am »
5/31/24: Swiss Championship Tribal (3-1)
Winners R1 - Vs. Ginger Reigh Mono g Knights  2 - 0
Winners R2 - Vs. Slump mono White Angels 2 - 1
Winners R3 - Vs. Waddell GW Humans 2 - 1
Winners R4 - Vs. Mitch GR Dinos 0 - 2

Notes from the event, Deck played well even in the finals were i lost 0-2. The lower to the ground aggro decks just feed Aegar its very disruptive to this tribal meta. The midrange decks i played were Angels and Dinos. The Angels are a tough mu once i hit the sb the adding the proper white hate cards i was able to win 2 in a row with g3 being a decisive win for Aegar. The Dino deck was tough for Aegar. The deck is midrange and had bombs that dodge my battle of frost and fire play. I made adjustments going into game to but lost to a bomb artifact The Skullspore Nexus that neutralized my removal. I won the event by tie breakers as 4 players went 3-1 in the event.

Deck Comments / Re: Night of the Hunt BW Artisan - Comments
« en: Junio 03, 2024, 10:47:44 pm »
Ok, good stuff on the lands, i think you should be using 4 copies of the life gain lands to help you trigger your life gain tricks.
***Grasp of fate is not legal in artisan. Its only been printed as a bonus sheet card and never in any of the showcase legal sets. You will need to find another source of removal. Look for a card called barrowed time it is almost the same card.
I also think you are going to need to find more ways to gain life to make the unicorn work better.

Deck Comments / Re: Blue/Black - Comments
« en: Mayo 21, 2024, 05:54:28 am »
Yo, this build is ready for some set restricted!

Deck Comments / Re: White - Comments
« en: Mayo 16, 2024, 06:54:06 pm »
this deck will be mean. You need to add two more creatures to it for it to be tribal.

Deck Comments / Re: Blue/Black - Comments
« en: Mayo 16, 2024, 06:52:58 pm »
Phyrexian Altar is not legal in the format

Deck Comments / Re: R/G Goblin - Comments
« en: Mayo 16, 2024, 06:51:33 pm »
Love the idea. Do you have all the cards you need for this build?

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