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Deck Comments / Re: Investigate Me - Comments
« en: Enero 06, 2017, 02:05:14 am »
You played this kiochy?

Deck Reviews / Re: Clue Control - Comments
« en: Noviembre 17, 2016, 07:06:11 pm »
hey, how does this play out so far? Have made a few versions of Clue themed decks, mostly to tutor Emrakul or ramp Trackers my sacrificing clues, but yet to adapt to Kaladesh. deck is here -

Deck Comments / Re: Investigate Me - Comments
« en: Octubre 06, 2016, 05:47:32 pm »
Just played this against the aforementioned monoRed aggro, won 3/4 games and managed to combo Tamiyo's Journal -> Briarbridge Patrol -> Emrakul for 2 wins and pump a single Blood Briar to 11 for the last. So really pleased the strategies payed off!

In this meta-game, if I can't respond to early threats by turn 5 then my game is really stunted by player damage and instants targeting creatures. Not sure what I'll be able to do improve early game removal, would increasing Dispel/Turn Aside help this?

Any clangers I may not have potted also (we're both relatively recent to magic, last 6 months or so)?


Deck Reviews / Please check out my investigate Emrakul!
« en: Octubre 06, 2016, 03:14:17 am »
Hi Brains!

Any thoughts on some consistency tips on this will be aaaaaaace!

Deck Comments / Re: Black/Red Vampires - Comments
« en: Agosto 28, 2016, 01:30:29 pm »
Hi Guys,

Any recommendation to improving synergy with sorceries and Enchantments on this Vampire deck?

Deck Reviews / Re: Zombie Blues - Comments
« en: Julio 06, 2016, 07:49:03 pm »
Additions made thanks to KouriNick! Can't wait to play this!

Deck Reviews / Re: Zombie Blues - Comments
« en: Julio 01, 2016, 10:52:15 am »
An update on a few hands of this from last night...

Deffo feeling a bit creature light from the get go playing my opponents Surge strat deck, so have your suggestions on over from (awesome local store!). Was struggling to get any creatures on turn 3/4 out to affectively counter surging so looking forward to getting Crow of Dark Tidings into the field.

Also due to my poor shuffling the first game was a complete white wash, but I did fond that all the single spells didn't achieve the consistency I wanted. Hopefully can revise closer to your suggestion for the next bout, can add a second Gurmang Angler that wasn't really working in this control deck

( )

Would love to get some madness into a deck strategy (not this one) as I had a good roll with Creeping Dread and Alms of the Vein, but I can see this doesn't sit right here. Could you enlighten me to the workings of a mill deck?



Deck Reviews / Zombie Blue Back thoughts..... consistency?
« en: Junio 30, 2016, 08:13:17 pm »
Hi Guys,

playing this this weekend. Am wondering what you thin about the consistency of the deck. Have a lot of cheap spells in blue and mid cost zombies to hit early/mid game.

Any brief feedback really welcome.

Cheers Black/Blue Squadron


Deck Reviews / Re: Sorin Grim Nemesis 'control' Deck, thoughts please!
« en: Junio 17, 2016, 06:30:10 pm »
Thank kourinick, I hadn't spotted that, or knew about the minim colourless mana cost, i assumed it meant 'any mana'. Glad I didn't make that faux pas at a casual event!

I'm sure I have something similar to Warped Landscape i can use to bolster the chances of playing Endbringer.

German angler & Murderous Cut look ace too and will defiantly search for that on my next shopping trip, I don't particularly want to use the graveyard much in this strategy (in terms of recalling stuff) so that would be a good advantage for those cards.

Deck Reviews / Re: [Modern] 51 Lands Deck
« en: Junio 17, 2016, 05:32:31 pm »
How do you deal 20 damage with 10 lands in your hand?

from a noob  ;)

Deck Reviews / Re: Sorin Grim Nemesis 'control' Deck, thoughts please!
« en: Junio 17, 2016, 04:34:16 pm »
I see your point, and understand card advantage is one of the key tactics of control. Myself and a friend who recently started playing again recently both stocked up on Chaplain's Blessing after it came up in a game, both attracted to the 5 life for minimal spend! But I've managed to win against a loaded deck of them without it, so perhaps not so great!

I'm interested into getting more clues into the battlefield also, i had one or two cards before and they were useful in getting some lands onto the field in the mid game, so Thraben Inspector will be good for that.

Deck Reviews / Re: Sorin Grim Nemesis 'control' Deck, thoughts please!
« en: Junio 17, 2016, 04:08:20 pm »
Thanks Mikuyume!

I have some Biting Rain, Thraben Inspector, Bound by Moon Silver, Bygone Bishop, Tamiyo's Journal and an End Hostilities in my collection and will defiantly put your other mods on my shopping list to try out!

Is Chaplain's Blessing a bit of a copout or do is it just a poor one card play?

I'll have to update and let you know how it plays  :D

Deck Reviews / Sorin Grim Nemesis 'control' Deck, thoughts please!
« en: Junio 17, 2016, 11:59:16 am »
Hi Guys,

Been playing MTG for about a month and landed a Sorin, Grim Nemesis in a SOI booster! Beginners luck maybe...

So I've been trying to get him into a control deck. I've looked over some tips into putting it into a control type deck, wiping threats early in the game, drawing cards to gather my planeswalker and bombs ( Endbringer, Scuttling Doom Engine, Deathbringer Regent ) for the end phase.

Here it is in Deckbuilders:

I've found with a few games it sometimes plays this strategy, other times Im having to play more aggressively and don't really have the creatures to do this. Maybe my mana is too low also?

I've mostly SOI in my collection and cards I got with the 2015 Core  Deckbuilders (I don't know if it's possible to view people's collections on here) but have started to browse singles at my local stores to enhance this deck, so up for some relatively inexpensive card reccomendations!

Any tinkerings with duplicates or suggested cards to create more synergy would be really appreciated.... Or tips on how to draw Sorin earlier and really make that card deliver.

Thanks guys, really liking this site!

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