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Author Topic: A couple of suggestions/requests  (Read 723 times)


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A couple of suggestions/requests
« on: July 11, 2015, 02:09:27 am »
Hi, I love the site, I've been using it since last year and it's great. It's a very useful toolkit, and as always the more we get the more we want :P

I'd find it handy if there was a way to customize the graph of the mana distribution for different types. It has the different colors but there are some creatures I don't want to curve (a Bone Shredder or Seht's Tiger for instance), while some sorceries and/or instants I do (Harrow, Rampant Growth). Some enchantments I would like to curve (like Glorious Anthem) and others not (like Journey to Nowhere).

In the other hand, when I build something that tends to control, I like to see the options I have to play as instants when I kept mana for counters or something and finally didn't use them (instants (doh), things with flash, or things with abilities that I can activate at the end of my opponent's turn)

Anyway, it's a great site and I like it a lot whether you accept my suggestions or not

Cheers and thanks a lot :)

Eladamri, Lord of Leaves

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Re: A couple of suggestions/requests
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2015, 12:46:39 am »

one of your ideas might be already accessible at "normal deck editor", so I will quote the formatting help message:
Basic Format:
  •     One card per line, amount in front of card name separated by a space
  •     Use English or German card names

  •     Insert a section heading by starting a line with //
  •     Make a sideboard with the special heading //Sideboard

Card Options:
  •     Comment a single card by putting "#COMMENT" at the end of the line
  •     Define different mana costs for a card by putting "<cost=MANA COST>" at the end of the line
  •     Exclude a card from all mana calculations by adding "<ignore_cost>" at the end of the line
  •     Specify the set for a card by adding [ABC] in front of the card name, where ABC is the set's abbreviation
Hopefully that might help you on further projects :)
By the way, you could change between the two different user interfaces while building your deck without loosing any progress.

What about your second request, do you actually would like to change card types, for example list a Deputy of Acquittals as instant to reflect its flash ability?
This might come handy yet leads to problems as well, in case you would like to count creatures properly. Having it in both sections (lets say creature and instant) would change the correct number of cards in your deck. Perhaps you have something else in mind to work around these conflicts? I would like to read your suggestion.