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Re: Amonkhet Spoilers
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Yeah, this new mechanic is going to be interesting.  I am really hoping for Graveyard hate in this set but I was hoping for Energy hate cards from last set and was surprised when they didn't drop.  I think this opens up more design space for magic cards.  Instead of Flashback (just repeating the same spell) we can not only have different effects from our graveyard but also allows for different speed spells.  Imagine a Sorcery and then an Aftermath Instant.  I doubt we will see this design on anything other then Sorcery/Instants because of how muddled the card actually looks.  It does show that WotC is not afraid to change the status quo and at least attempt to do new things. 

Quote from: TheWakaEmu117
So seeing this first spoiler gives me hopes for some cool stuff in standard but it also makes me think that this sets power level might be really high. If we look at the past couple of years standard has been struggling with deck diversity. If you guys look at the banning of Emrakul, Reflector Mage and Copter, those actually lower the deck diversity and how standard is now dominated by Saheeli cat combo and mardu vehicles. Maybe this set will shake the format up and give us some powerful cards. I am think a 4 mana board wipe shows that they be printing some slightly more powerful cards and abilities.

I am not a Standard player and I really only play in Pre-Release events but I am always on the lookout for new Modern playable cards and I like when a few new cards shake up Modern.  I was excited about Aetherworks Marvel, Grim Flayer, Thing in the Ice (didn't make as many waves as I was hoping), Paradox Engine, and Smuggler's Copter because I thought they would shake up Modern.  Standard does need something to break the stalemate that is the top 2 decks.  I am still surprised they banned Reflector Mage but didn't ban Felidar Guardian.


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Re: Amonkhet Spoilers
« Reply #31 on: March 21, 2017, 08:36:55 PM »

Our first real spoiler for Amonkhet!  This tell us quite a bit about how Amonkhet will function.  We are going to have a new Aftermath ability that will only work in graveyards.  I also like how they decided to put the actual spell facing the correct way for us so we don't give away information by either cocking our heads sideways or turning our cards sideways to read them... I'm looking at you Fuse cards :)

We are also looking at a 4cmc board wipe in standard... When was the last time that happened?  As far as I can remember they have been printing 5cmc board wipes.  Interesting.  Hopefully they will actually print a new way to mess with people's graveyards.  Break up Delirium and these new aftermath effects.

So does this give anyone some new ideas of things we might see?

Stealing my thunder Jabilac with your super fast spoilerizing  :P

The aftermath, activated ability looks like it ties in with Amonkhet's expansion 'Hour of Devastation' l have a feeling it won't be the sole wrath effect. (Maybe another reprint of Damnation, to coincide with Modern Masters?)

I think they didn't want all the Standard wrath effects to be ubiquitous, which is why they all differ slightly. Yahenni's Expertise, Incendiary Sabotage, Radiant Flames, Kozilek's Return, Languish, Fumigate and Planar Outburst. Yahenni's Expertise works well with Dusk because we have a contrast of effects that do what each other would not individually. It's an interesting way of trying to shift the theme to Orzhov B/W decks.

Aftermath looks like a split card with flashback, but you 'don't' have to cast the aftermath card, and you don't get to replay the initial ability. It is something that I like about it. This card is interesting, whilst not as powerful as Wrath of God because it doesn't destroy creatures with the power 2 or less. It hints to the focus on low power creatures in the set. The aftermath ability ties into this, allowing you to return all your lower cost creatures to your hand.

I have a lot of theories based on what people have said. There will be a sphinx. Alhammarret? Maybe? It is interesting to consider that Bolas could use the Gatewatch's past foes to create some psychological damage. Jace's old mentor, Liliana's Demon and Gideon and Erebos?

As to the trials, perhaps Nicol Bolas is looking to forge the perfect warrior, in an attempt to replace his former champion Umezawa that eventually destroyed his physical form before the mending. Rulers need their enforcers, just another piece on the chess board.

I agree with the people that have suggested about the recent Standard bannings restricting the format. @Robot has mentioned previously that Wizards don't research their cards, properly, before they are released. The cards are developed thematically, they are not tailored for competitive play.
Pro's are expert at exploiting the abilities of various cards in the format, they'll circumvent bans, to produce a format stifling deck, that lacks creativity, artificially raising card prices because they are built solely to win.

Pro players should work with the research and development team to stop this, but they probably won't, ever. This is because having a deck that is singularly more powerful that all others, makes it easier for them to win, and winning means money.

Either way, I know how you guys feel about Standard, Modern, etc.

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