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Author Topic: AKH - Vizier of Many Faces  (Read 398 times)


AKH - Vizier of Many Faces
« on: May 19, 2017, 09:34:08 AM »
I have a question about 'Vizier of Many Faces'.
Card Name:
Vizier of Many Faces
Mana Cost:
Converted Mana Cost:
Creature — Shapeshifter Cleric
Card Text:
You may have Vizier of Many Faces enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield, except if Vizier of Many Faces was embalmed, the token has no mana cost, it's white, and it's a Zombie in addition to its other types.
Embalm 3BlueBlue

Does the legendary rule also applies with this card?
I mean, let's say I have a legendary creature on the battlefield under my control, and I want to make a copy of this creature with Vizier of Many Faces. Is this allowed?

Thanks for your reply!



Re: AKH - Vizier of Many Faces
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2017, 01:22:14 PM »
The legendary rule still applies.  You could, however, embalm it with Annointed Procession on the field to create multiple tokens, each copying the same or different creatures that you or your opponents control, since each token triggers its copy ability separately.


Re: AKH - Vizier of Many Faces
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2017, 09:12:25 AM »
Aaah that is a nice combo indeed :) thanks for the feedback!
Totally forgot I was also able to copy a creature from an opponent with it!

Thanks! :)