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Demons and Devils


I was wondering which Demon and Devil cards are good. Anyone?

Eladamri, Lord of Leaves:
Unfortunately this is definetely not the proper subsection for your question: Comments, questions and suggestions about DeckStats.net (Magic Deck Statistics)
Maybe someone can move your topic to the first forum.

To answer your question you might want to add some more details: which format are you playing, casual with friends (regarding any banlists?) or on tournaments?
Is this meant as general question without any concret deck in mind?

Look at these two for example: Abyssal Persecutor and of course Griselbrand - both need some deck around, but could win the game.

Like he said it really depends on the format, for EDH i would say Lord of the void, but I would need more info on the format, your playing style, and things like that


In modern exists many powerful demons like:

Pestilence Demon

Stronghold Overseer

Rune-Scarred Demon

Master of Cruelties

Xathrid Demon


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