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DeckStats Newbies ~ Welcome!

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I created this post for all new members to introduce themselves! If they wish! Hopefully, our members can give them all a warm welcome! Also, would all new members, please read our rules in the general forum, before posting!

I'm Mnemosyne! I'm from the UK. I am a Moderator on the forums with my esteemed colleagues G.Moto and Administrator Nils. I've played casually since Invasion, but only recently been playing seriously in competitive Standard. (I know pretty much every archetype in the meta and all cards in currently in Standard.)

So please, if you need help, you're welcome to ask! :)

Hi, I have been playing Magic since Kaladesh and don't know much about online Magic sites so I went and checked out here (Deck Stats) and Mtg Vault.  I just wanted to ask around to see what people thought of new Challenger Decks.  I was considering the Mardu Vehicles deck.

Welcome to deckstats.net! Hope you enjoy your time on the forums!  :)

hi  :D


--- Quote from: pseudogiant on October 28, 2018, 02:46:29 am ---hi  :D

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Hi, welcome to the forums!  ;D


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