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DeckStats Newbies ~ Welcome!

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--- Quote from: MystikMonkWarrior on June 15, 2019, 08:42:36 am ---Hullo

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Hello good sir!!!!!!! Welcome to the website. You should definitely check out the discord. i've only used it for a day and it proven to be very nice. People respond more immediately to questions on there. Probably because it is a live chat instead of a forum. But super useful!!!!!!!

The names Cheetogrub and I'm new here. Wanted to say hi and I do in fact enjoy long walks on the beach and kicking rocks barefoot.

#redmageforlife #paintchips #letsgetweird #Texasisthebeststate

Sincerely yours,




I just joined deckSTATS. I started playing MtG last November with Standard with friends from work. I then started playing EDH and have brewed some Commander as well as a few Standard decks. Check out my "Bruna Smash" and "Buffy? Never Heard of Her" EDH decks. Any suggestions for improvement would be welcomed. I'm also looking into brewing a Modern deck soon.

I was a big Dungeons and Dragons player in my younger days so switching over to MtG seemed like a great way to have similiar fun. I look forward to checking out other members decks and getting more ideas for future ones I build.


Hello everyone!
I'm Remi and I'm from Quebec. You can call me Remz. I'm 28yo and I began playing Magic when I was 14. I stopped playing for a while; from my 20 to 25yo and this is by discovering EDH that I went back into the game.
I'm glad I kept my cards and collection!
I've been actively playing since then, paper and Arena.

I discovered this website while searching for a way to analyse my deck and see my flaws easier. I really like this site, there are good tools, precise and clear!
If you want to check, I created a decklist with my Morph Commander.
I plan to eventually put my other ones :P



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