Author Topic: [legacy]Death & taxes needs your help  (Read 36 times)


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[legacy]Death & taxes needs your help
« on: May 19, 2018, 05:44:10 am »
Hi everyone!
Lately i have been working on a RW D&T deck in legacy (you can check in my decks in the folder real decks) but i am stuck when it comes to the 1 drops. I know that usually the deck only plays mother of runes however to make it a bit faster and more vial efficient in the first turns i would like to add 2 more 1 drops. Now comes my question:
which creature do you think is best in D&T as a 1 drop between: judge's familiar and kor duelist and why?
Is it worth it to play 2 copies of judge's familiar?
For the 2 drops i have been including 1x dire fleet daredevil and 1x kari zev but i'd like to know your opinion regarding these 2 cards. Which one is more efficient? do both have enough advantages to be played in this deck?

thanks in advance for your help. Cheers.

Magically yours,
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