Author Topic: Feature Request: Hidden/Unlisted Decklists  (Read 121 times)


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Feature Request: Hidden/Unlisted Decklists
« on: July 12, 2018, 06:33:31 pm »
One feature I'd personally love to see on Deckstats would be the ability to keep a decklist from showing up on my user profile or the front page, but still allow anyone I send the link to view the list. Sometimes I want feedback from a specific person without spoiling the surprise for the rest of my playgroup, and the only way I've found to manage that is either copy the deck to an unsaved list or make it public temporarily and change it back.


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Re: Feature Request: Hidden/Unlisted Decklists
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2018, 03:17:39 am »
If you make your deck private, it won’t show up in your profile but you can still generate a secret link on the share tab to share it with others. This should be exactly what you’re looking for, isn’t it?