Author Topic: [Standard] 30$ Green/Blue Tempo Deck  (Read 107 times)


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[Standard] 30$ Green/Blue Tempo Deck
« on: August 01, 2018, 06:20:11 pm »
30$ Green/Blue Tempo Deck

I try to make a Green/Blue Temporisation deck

The  deck is base on midrange creatures and great monsters
Departed Deckhand trying to make this monsters unblockables
Skyrider Patrol put counter +1/+1 and make that flying
Sift is use to take Colossal Dreadmaw asap (or Knight of the Stampede)
Cacophodon can untap one card,
Frilled Sea Serpent is a resistant and usefull creature late game
Knight of the Stampede can make Dinosaur earlier in the game
I need mana accelerator, Druid of the Cowl and Llanowar Scout are light
Mirror Image can copy Carnage Tyrant or Colossal Dreadmaw

Any suggestion welcome