Author Topic: Is there a Deckstats for Yugioh?  (Read 427 times)


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Is there a Deckstats for Yugioh?
« on: February 12, 2019, 10:41:53 pm »
Hello everyone,

I've been a MtG player since 1997, and while I did play Pokemon and learned Yugioh a little in their early days, I never really got into them.   Still, I retained my old Yugioh deck. 

I would love to put it online to see the value and such.  I'm curious if anyone has found a site like Deckstats for Yugioh decks?
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Re: Is there a Deckstats for Yugioh?
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2019, 12:23:52 am »
The closest I could find was YGOprodeck. It has a deckbuilder (complete with visual spoiler and exported decklist), prices for cards, and an online forum.

The downside? It is no where near as clean-cut as Deckstats. The picture quality of cards is a little grainy, there are intrusive sidebars and pop-ups (not ad pop-ups, thankfully), and it's missing my favorite thing about Deckstats: the stats! No probabilities, no starting hands, no table layout view. It is just a list with a visual spoiler.

If you want some of the other stuff (like the starting hand and an interactive play field), you can download Yugipedia on android phones (I don't know about IOS). The issue here is that Yugipedia is just a deckbuilder, so it doesn't give prices, and you can't import a decklist, you can only export.

I hope all of this helps.

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