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Superior Numbers – Land Counts

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 They might average them by price point (because EDHREC has categories by price) which would give lower land counts a higher impact on the average?

I'd be curious to see how they calculate this, it seems like it should be pretty straight forward but I agree with Morganator on his point that it seems odd that cEDH decks would skew the numbers that bad. However I do remember a few weeks ago posting that it seemed like I noticed a portion of decks on here that weren't cEDH decks that had a lower than normal land count.

The problem is, of course, that TappedOut no longer is giving deck info to EDHREC..

Morgantor, that is interesting..

157 decks that run on avg of 33 lands. I am interested to see when the 1st deck was posted for Marwyn compared to the last deck.. I scrolled to the bottom and did a count of lands and that was 19 so that leaves 14 other lands besides the top ones.. However this even baffled me..

36% of 157 decks
+22% synergy

Nature's Claim
28% of 157 decks
+15% synergy

There is more naturalize then nature's claim in decks and naturalize has a better synergy?

Then taking the supposive best synergy land you have..
Nature's Claim
28% of 157 decks
+15% synergy
Rounding up you have 48 decks running Nature's Claim. So 100+ other decks aren't running this, also could be the decks are incomplete and are a work in progress and who knows what.

Then running this formula..
Number of lands = 31 + amount of colors in commander’s color identity + commander CMC, with 0-CMC mana rocks counting as lands. The avg of Marwyn is 33 but the formula says it should be 35 lands. While looking in the list of Marwyn there is also 0-CMC mana rocks being played.

So is the Marwyn lists more based apon Casual players then instead of Cedh?

To me there seems to be misinformation that edhrec is presenting or just not enough information being presented when you look at say Marwyn or other commanders.

Morganator 2.0:
The synergy is actually a measure of uniqueness. It works by taking the percentage of the card's frequency, minus the percentage of it's frequency among similar commanders (whatever that means, probably colors). So naturalize is used in 36% of Marwyn decks, and 14% of decks like Marwyn. 36%-14%=22% synergy.

Fortunately, EDHREC does use Deckstats data, so I'm going to run a few tests to see what's up. Don't be surprised if you see me posting some weird decks in the near future.

EDIT: I read some of the comments to this article, and double checked the math on one of them.

305 255 on EDHREC (as of March 7th, 2019)
242 686 decks use Sol Ring
Therefore, 62 569 decks do not use Sol Ring
On average, decks that use Sol Ring have 35 lands
In order for the EDHREC average land count to be 29, the 62 569 decks without Sol Ring would have, on average, 5.72 lands.

Okay... Something's not right. I want to try this with other cards, but this one goes in basically any deck.


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