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Dragonstorm Deck (Casual)


Castle Siege:
Just a fun deck I put together for casual games with friends.

The point is to mana-ramp up to Dragonstorm as early in the game as possible.

Dragonstorm copies itself for each spell that was cast before it that same turn.
Mana-ramp up to 9 with at least 3 spells in order to play Hellkite Overlords and/or Bogardan Hellkites (preferably 4 Bogardan Hellkites to win the game).

3 Diabolical Tutors and 1 Demonic Tutor (Vintage Restriction) have been put into the deck to make the odds of getting a Dragonstorm much greater.

Slumbering Dragons and Lightning Bolts are to keep the opponent on their toes and to think twice before they attack me while I'm buying time to pull off a Dragonstorm.


Any tips or advice to improve this deck even more are greatly appreciated, just keep in mind this is a fun deck for casual (and maybe Vintage?) play, I don't plan on competing in any tournaments with it! :P


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