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Breaking down The Command Zone Stats

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the whole chess analogy was because the person I was responding to was using it as a basis for a question. I was literally explaining why the two are incompatible on the basis of their question. Because the two are nothing alike. You can't really compare any card game to chess because while you can calculate odds and probabilities for card games you won't always be correct because your using assumed information with a best guess backed up by probability whereas in chess all information is known to both players at any given time (more or less) and there is a best possible move in every situation, granted that just because you make the best possible move doesn't mean you will always win. Chess is a game of skill and strategy and cards games (even games like MTG) are games of chance with some skill and strategy involved, but it really comes down to luck because that can make or break you in any game you play and luck can not be calculated in a mathematical formula.   


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