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Threat Assessment in Commander

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Great thread, Morganator, and nice tips from both you and Wwolfe.

Wwolfe kind of mentioned this. Like austere command over wrath of god for the selection, but what about something like return to dust? It can be 4 mana instant speed or 4 mana addendum before addendum was a thing. Or decimate. It is sorcery speed compared to something like naturalize, but it is hitting 4 targets, and you can either spread the love, or decimate (haha see what I did there) one person badly. Then I also run Hull breach for the chance to clear an artifact AND enchantment, but at the cost of sorcery speed.

It was implied in your post that removal should be instant speed, but how is sorcery speed? Is it never worth it, or worth it sometimes? Usually it has an advantage over an instant since it is slower, but someone can cast all their combo pieces in 1 turn and win, right?

Morganator 2.0:
That's a good point actually.

Instant-speed is generally better, because it gives more opportunities than sorceries. This is especially important when dealing with combo or stax pieces (so, most cases where you want to remove something).

The advantage with cards like Hull Breach and Decimate is that they hit multiple targets. Whereas one-for-one trades aren't that great in commander, being able to hit multiple targets can become one-for-two, or one-for-four.

The issue is that the downsides are usually sorcery-speed, and they cost more mana. Both Return to Dust and Decimate are 4 mana, which is also not good.

From my experience, low-cost high-efficiency tends to work best. If you're in a more casual meta where combos and stax are less common, but bomb plays like Coat of Arms or Sunbird's Invocation are more common, then Decimate and return to Dust will work fine.

I personally prefere Crush Contraband over Return to Dust. Yes, I'm not able to exile 2 cards of the same type, but on the other hand, I'm able to exile 2 Cards at instant speed, in stead of 1 at instant speed or 2 at sorcery.

About the cost, always take a look around at your playgroup. If they play high optimized low cmc decks, 4 mana for a removal is damn expensive. In a slower meta, or if you got enough ramp to afford them, you can also play the higher cmc stuff.

Speaking about this, what about Deathsprout? basical this is Rampant Growth + Murder for cmc 4. For me it seems like a solid choice, unless you need to be fast.

Morganator 2.0:
I don't like Deathsprout. Even Murder isn't that great of a card. 4 mana is bad for removal, and bad for mana ramp. Having both tacked on to the same card doesn't make up for the 4 mana downside.

Nice thread and here is one important thing and I was suspectable to it myself the last time our playgroup go together. First I forgot who was the best player at the table and I know who he which is sort of important. Now why I say this was because another player drops Ugin down and wipes everyones board but some of his. Next player goes and his turn is insignificant and I have my turn. This turn I call a revenge play and I exile ugin and destroy his biggest creature but yet his board was threatning but not that threatning at all. Best player goes next and within 4 turns wins the game. My revenge play would have been better to hold out but I was getting revenge no matter the cost.


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