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My return to playing this weekend was mixed. In three games Friday night my Sidisi went 0-2 (was targeted off the bat by players who were use to it's nonsense) while my Grand Arbiter went 0-1 (just couldn't draw any of it's win-cons). Saturday was the exact opposite, Sidisi went 1-0 while Grand Arbiter went 2-0. All three wins were out of nowhere. One of the GAA wins was casting Finale of Glory for 15 and then Teferi's Protection to ensure I untapped on my next turn with everything while in the final 2.

The other GAA win was, with Leyline of Anticipation on the battlefield, I cast Windfall with each opponent drawing 8 which gave me 24 treasures from Smothering Tithe, I then drew Finale of Glory (did I mention this card is good?). An opponent had Pandemonium out, I then used just damage from Pandemonium to take out two opponents. On my turn moved straight to combat, swung out and took out the last player.

My Sidisi win was Jarad's Order, putting Craterhoof into the bin & Body Double into my hand. Cast Body Double targeting Craterhoof giving all my creatures +12/12 and taking out all three opponents.

So what recent games have you really enjoyed?

Not really related to the thread, but when you cast teferi's protection, did you do that right after you cast finale of glory, or did you wait for someone to try and wrath of god to kill your board first and cast it in response? Do you think you should've done it the way that you did or was it a mistake? Well I guess you won, so it isn't a mistake, right?

Right after the opponent let Finale resolve. I had nothing else I could have done on my turn and was taking no chance on something weird.

Morganator 2.0:
Just last night I had a pretty fun game. I was playing Captain Sisay against Marwyn, the Nurturer and Brago, King Eternal. All of these decks are at competitive level. Turn order was Brago, Sisay, then Marwyn.

I had a very strong turn 1 (Bountiful Promenade -> Sol Ring -> Talisman of Unity -> Concordant Crossroads), which allowed me to have Sisay out by turn two, and I would be ready to combo turn 3. Brago managed to play Meekstone on turn 2 (which slowed Marwyn, but not me) and played Static Orb turn 3, immediately before my turn. That hurt, but I had a plan. I used Sisay to search up Yisan, the Wanderer Bard, knowing that on my next turn I could get Caustic Caterpillar out to destroy the Static Orb. Brago knew this, and used Wrath of God to stop me.

At this point it seemed like Brago might have the game. All they were missing was a draw outlet. They re-cast Brago, got Sword of Feast and Famine equipped to him to get even more ramp, so Brago would be able to play anything he drew. At this point, he had no cards in hand. When it came to my turn, I got lucky, and top-decked Nature's Claim.

If you've been reading the threat assessment thread, pay attention. I passed my turn, so that Marwyn was still under the effect of Static Orb. So she did nothing. On Marwyn's end step, I cast Nature's Claim, because Brago had no cards in hand (so no counterspell) and enough mana that they didn't have to worry about their own Static Orb, they would have been able to cast anything they drew, and I couldn't risk the potential counterspell. Static Orb was gone.

Brago went to untap all their permanents. "Hold on," I said, "you don't get to untap Brago." "Why not?" "Because of your own Meekstone." He had Sword of Feast and Famine equipped, making Brago a 4/6, and he forgot about the Meekstone.

Brago drew a land, passed the turn, and I won on my turn by re-casting Sisay, getting Paradox Engine, and winning with a combo.



In general, I enjoy games that are competitive.  I don't enjoy routing people over and over, nor do I want to just lose all of the time, either.  I'd much rather lose a close game than win 1000 blowouts because I spent more money or they can't draw mana.  As a side (and mostly off-topic) thought, I find that the better my decks get, the less interest I have in using them.  If they start winning the vast majority of the time, I tend to dig out some cards and come up with something new.


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