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What's your "Pet Deck" in EDH?

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Exactly what the title says. I'm curious to see what everyone's favorite commander deck is. It doesn't have to be the winning-est deck, the most expensive, anything like that. Just the deck that you always enjoy pulling out and playing. Maybe some jank combo? Getting to throw down big fatties? Whatever it is, so long as you have a blast, I wanna hear about it! Bonus points if you throw in a decklist, so let's see those brews!

It all depends. I tend to go through phases. The one I end up playing the most is my Sidisi, Brood Tyrant deck but lately I've been playing my Grand Arbiter Augustin IV deck more (I had retired it but rebuilt it recently just to have something different).

Morganator 2.0:
I'm not quite sure what a pet deck is. I enjoy playing all of my decks.

A pet deck being the one you choose when you just want to have fun. It could be the one you've spent the most time putting together and tuning, it could be some goofy monstrosity that should't work, does't matter. Just the "if I could only play with one deck" top choice

I do like to play all of my commander decks equally, but my pet deck would have to be my Mizzix of the Izmagnus spellslinger deck. It was one of my earliest commander decks and it has slowly gotten stronger throughout the years, but it is always a ton of fun.


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