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What's your "Pet Deck" in EDH?

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Lately it's been my Thantis, the warweaver deck. I like the unpredictably with it and usually at one point in the match someone asks how much life you got and I say a lot which is usually in the mid 30's while everyone else is in the teens.

It honestly would be a toss up between my Life is worth Living deck...
Or my Muldrotha Toolbox deck...

The first deck is one I've been playing since EDH was still a forum idea and utilizes abilities I don't see in MTG anymore, especially in my area. It is defiantly my most casual deck.

The second deck is one I've been improving on and uses one of my all time favorite Commanders. The deck has a few janky combos and has an average 80% Win Rate.

Most fun to play?  Nekusar.  Most consistent wins?  Anafenza the Foremost.  Most time spent developing and trying to get to work?  Thraximundar.

When all is said and done, I have to say my Grimgrin, Corpse-Born Mill deck is the one I probably enjoy playing the most.  I've kept it the longest, put the most effort into getting foils for it and when I pick which decks I'm bringing on a given night its the only one that always makes the cut.   I tend to gravitate towards graveyard strategies anyway, but Grim remains my favorite.  I'd link the list but not sure how to do so on this site.

Just copy and paste the URL from the deckstats deck link.  It will automatically populate.  Out of curiousity, why GrimGrin as the Commander and not Phenax, God of Deception with GrimGrin as one of the 99?


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