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How Smart Are We?

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Hello Everyone!

Okay so I am curious as to how smart we as a community are. You have to be at least somewhat intelligent to play Magic: The Gathering, well that is what I thought before I met some people who play this game.

For those that have a degree, which I assume is most, but maybe I am wrong, we'll find out, I am curious to know what it is in. I would like to know if people are more on the sciency side of things or if we have gender studies people in here. If you wanna share, lemme know your degree below. If you don't wanna tell some random dude over the internet, you've hurt my feelings. :( But I understand. I'll get over it. If you are the sharing type, can I also get your full name, date of birth and social security number?

I'm kidding. Unless you wanna tell me. PM me. :)

Some people wanna keep things private, so please vote and go away, but if you are comfortable, more information would be good because the poll only tells so much.

Thank you guys! Don't forget. I need that social security number.

I am still in college. Convincing myself every day all this torture is worth the degree. Double Major in Applied Mathematics and Physics. Hopefully eventually I'll be able to check the PhD box when I am at Stanford doing research in quantum computing. That is the goal.

But only some college for now.

Edit: I've been told to specify this is completely voluntary. And FREE "fake internet points" for anyone that posts on the topic (and contributes to the thread).

I think you needed to be decently intelligent to play Magic: The Gathering. There is a lot of bluffing, counterplay, planning ahead, and quick decision making involved. Of course, you can also just run the entire game off luck since, to an extent, rng will always be part of the game. Among my playgroup, I have seen very intelligent people and some not so keen or smart individuals.

I like to consider myself intelligent. I have a B.S in Economic Crime Investigations with two minors. One in Forensic Accounting, the other is in Digital Forensics.

My Social Security Number is 555-55-5555. :P

May be shocking to some ...

redundant to others ...

I am an actual Apothecary.  But not an actual Geist.  With a degree in pharmacy.  I specialize in hospital practice.

Morganator 2.0:
Although this is probably obvious, it bears mentioning that you should never reveal personal information on the internet that you're not comfortable sharing. I'm weirdly cautious about some things (like my location) and disregard other aspects.

But I have no problem sharing my education level.

The full title of my university degree is "Honors Biology; Concentration of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior". It was actually a 5-year program because my Honor's Thesis took quite some time (that's something I won't share though). I probably could have taken a minor in geography, physics, or statistics if I tried a little harder.

This is also why I'm good with stats. It's a very important aspect of ecology, because you need to be able to be confident in your findings. The stats about MTG that I post here is only a fraction of what I actually do on my spare time.

I have an Associates in Business Administration and am only 6 credit hours short of my Bachelor's. However my now ex-wife and I had an unexpected child and since I found a job making good money I decided to forego the final credits. I will at some point go back and finish if for no other reason than to say I did it. 


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