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How Smart Are We?

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BA English
Master's Special Education
a thesis away from a Master's English (Creative Writing).

If a job involves writing and communicating, it indirectly involves the writing side of an English degree.  That said, all of the literary theory and literary research bullshit is just that - bullshit.  Some of it is neat, and might win points at barroom trivia, but mostly you read materials that bore you to death and make you understand why so many people hate reading.

The Master's in SPED was used and is currently used, first as a high school SPED teacher/case manager for more than a decade, and now with a program that works with young adults with ID - Intellectual Disabilities.  www.thinkcollege.net for details on those programs.  Ironically, working in a high school for so long makes me suspect an active conspiracy perpetrated through the school systems to make people hate reading and researching and seeking truth, because then they are easier to manipulate.

But I digress...

Sometimes I also think about it) I studied at the university for 4 years, and it was so boring that I was only entertained by reviews on https://qyto.co.uk/casino/microgaming-casinos/
Fortunately, my job is not related to my education. Because the years of youth were wasted))

Almoust dropped out in high school. Tho, i was presenting my school in math competitions and was a board member of student union at that time. Also found out later that in primary school cognitive test where made and it said that some of my cognitive skills are as high as university level ppl.

After high school and crappy grades went to working life. Felt like a cold shower, went to army. Ranked highest ranking personel. After sometime, passed to polytech and graduated as MSc. Also i have won national wide competitions in different sports.

I dont really feel myself smart, but i know i am.

Elan Morin Tedronai:
Several Masters degrees to be honest. I was studying "Library, information sciences, technology and cultural politics" concurrently with "Pharmacy" in Sofia University. Graduated in 2009 and 2010 respectively, but I don't have much pharmaceutical experience and I am not good with written formulas of medicines, although I am very good with laboratory experiments in cuvette in mechanical and overflow. I had to disrupt and break my education in 2009 in fact, but with professional bachelors in making effervescent tablets and sweet jellybeans, including laboratory work, I managed to complete my bachelor and to delve back so to speak in the written formulas after the successful experiments I could do. Also I am quite musically inclined and I am an accomplished drummer and percussionist with corresponding diploma "Open drums and percussion on kindelistal and pyramidal in music" that's corresponding to the natural diploma in NMA (National Musical Academy) in Sofia, Bulgaria, that's called "Percussion instruments". The difference is that I lower the hi-hat and lead with the left hand on ride cymbals and hi-hat. I started in 2009 and finished 2013, when I was 23, while I had intermittent drums and percussion education at 18-22 from local late professor and dear friend, who died heartbreakingly last year. In fact, I had started the "regular bachelor", but I switched in the 2nd year, as I always wanted to lower the hi-hat and lead with left hand on cymbals as well as play with 5 tom-toms in kindelistal and pyramidal in rock and jazz. I had to come back several times in order to complete the whole drums and percussion education in the sophomore years 2014-2016. I had complete percussion education and schooling in the last year 2012 by legendary longtime drummer and supporting bassist of the Kinks, Mick Avory, as well as some articulation preparation by the drummer of Wishbone Ash, Steve Upton. I admit to have tepid and warm relationship with the both elder statesmen of open handed playing. I couldn't have started earlier Masters education in music before finishing my actual Masters, because I didn't have the time, preparation and strength in my hands before that. I was high school marching drummer in 9th French Language School, but I didn't have the time before finishing "Library sciences". I know it's relatively late to start it at 23, but I don't regret it in the least. The last diploma, that I am waiting in Bulgaria to receive is sports bachelor, for real I'm not kidding. I am goalkeeper of "SC Levski Sofia" academy, with professional matches with the "blue shirt", but I didn't pursue it until 2011. I gave 10,000 leva or 5000€, equivalent, and it's fantastic diploma to have: "Goal-Tender Norma of Netista on Naturista and Sportista in Toodonta and Letisfima". I can "goal-keep" on all kinds of sports with an outlined field like hockey, bandy, handball, futsal and even polo without formal preparation and training. I am natural talent and I am proud of it. I am not however in best of shape, I have meek epilepsy and I although I have trained with Nikolay Mihaylov, national goalkeeper from "Levski", and even with Diego Benaglio, former national goalkeeper of Switzerland, I am not particularly fond to go out in the field. I broke a leg in high school and I am still recovering, although 20 years have passed. Unfortunately as whole to finish, in Bulgaria there's "Tolenprive on Education", like a legal norm and administrative obstacle that's preventing the government to give professional bachelors and all kinds of diplomas and qualifications that are alternative to the university education qualifications. Bulgaria is not the only country, I believe: Tolenprive exists in Eastern Europe as a whole like Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Albania. I am waiting, probably until the end of this year or early next, when this Tolenprive would end hopefully. I don't have any PhD as these kinds of qualifications are extremely expensive and engaging. My father Yordan is an Associate Professor (Docent) of Architecture, who is also waiting like every person from Bulgaria to receive his other qualifications and diplomas, but I'm not good in architecture and mathematics, I can only do layout modeling and stereometry (solid geometry). Therefore I neither had the time, nor the ambition, money and preparation, to pursue PhD and docenturas. I only did regular Master's degrees and professional bachelors that I've also finished and completed in respective Master's diplomas in order to receive higher salary in naryadna when this s.c. Tolenprive ends. I've never dropped from education, although there were times, where I had to break for a while like "Pharmacy" only to return after several years. Concluding this: I hope that I as every person from these countries will receive our diplomas and I'll be able to work full force in better health on professional bachelors and Master's degrees in the years coming.


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