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Lands to Mana Ramp Ratio

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Caveman Clay:
                          lands - ramps
Krenko                    31 - 10     
Mizzix                     28 -  8     

Both of these decks seems to run fine for me. 

You tell others that 8-12 is a good amount while you realized most your decks fall out of that range. So the 8-12 is a suggested starting point but can be adjusted to how you see fit for your decks. The 8-12 isn't rule of law but again a good starting point and one again can adjust accordingly

Morganator 2.0:
Alright, so I gathered some data and figured out that my decks actually aren't out of the ordinary when I compare them to the top cEDH decks. Even though most of these decks are not competitive level, it seems like I still use my knowledge of cEDH in deckbuilding.

The attached graphs shows the amount of mana ramp and lands used by the top cEDH commanders. Don't be confused by the two graphs; it's the same data just with the axes flipped. The orange data points follow a regular trend, and the data point in blue are the outliers. Most cEDH decks use between 28 and 31 lands, with 14 to 25 forms of mana ramp.

You might find this interesting, but these graphs are not gospel as to how you should be building. cEDH has a focus on speed, with a lot of decks being fast combo decks, or decks that need to stop the fast combos.


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