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Any football fans?

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If so, what team?

I support my homestate Panthers & UNC.

Morganator 2.0:
Just to be clear for everyone, this is American football. You know, the one where they use their hands.

Now if we're talking about what the rest of the world considers football, then that's Manchester City all the way and has been since 1994 when the US teams effort in the World Cup brought me to have significant interest in the sport. 

ETA- I'll also be pulling for the Charlotte MLS team when it starts playing in 2022.

I'm gonna necro this topic since I am fairly new to this community.

I am a huge Cowboys fan, and at the college level I root for the Texas Longhorns.

--- Quote from: WWolfe on July 29, 2019, 08:01:55 pm ---I support my homestate Panthers & UNC.

--- End quote ---

UNC seems to be doing better with Mack Brown back at the helm. I am interested to see how Matt Rhule does with the Panthers.

And I am a patriots fan ;D It's going to be strange watching Brady play for the bucs


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