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[EDH / Commander] Pure Ravnican Dimir


Pure Ravnican Dimir

The fourth in a 10 part series where I go through each card with a guild signet on it and build a deck out of only those cards.

Rules for construction for each guild deck were as follows:
1. The only cards allowed in the deck are cards with guild signets on them.
2. The only exception to this rule are cards that are that are intrinsically tied to the lore of the guild (such as Planeswalkers or cards printed outside of ravnica sets that draw heavily on guild thematics.)
3. "of the Guildpact" artifacts are allowed in each deck as each guild is tied to the Guildpact. The same applies to the card Transguild Promenade and Gateway Plaza.

The Maybeboard is used for cards from the guild that didn't quite make the cut because of various reasons.

As always, let me know if I missed a card somewhere.

Basic Deck Rundown:
It's mill time, baby.
Mill everyone.
Mill one person in particular.
Mill yourself to get to cards you can use to mill other people more.
Just mill.
Make Szadek, Lord of Secrets your commander for even more milling but at the cost of a more costly commander.

I love the fun flavor of a pure guild EDH. I have been building the exact same thing with my meta, we are each picking a guild and building using only ravnica sets. I chose Dimir and am glad to find this list. How is this build for you? Also what is your reason for choosing Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker over one of the Lazav prints?

So the deck actually runs really solidly. As for using Mirko over any of the lazavs. I personally feel that when using cards exclusively from the dimir guild, it's much easier to focus on the milling aspect of black/blue than with the creature resurgence or graveyard manipulation. Lazav, The Multifarious doesn't do much except wait for creatures to hit your graveyard and much the same for Lazav, Dimir Mastermind. It much more waiting with them than with Mirko.
In my mind, Dimir doesn't care about dealing commander damage or even much damage at all to win. They care about milling someone to death. And the best way to do that is to poke them with your flying commander and force them to mill until they hit 4 lands. worst case scenario, you just mill 4 lands in a row and thats all. but that's 4 lands they don't have anymore and they probably needed those.

It's great to hear that it runs well, our builds are very similar. Great point with Mirko as well, I will be meeting my friends and playing these for the first time today. I will make that quick swap from Lazav before I play. Again great deck, I'm a real sucker for a fun theme like this. I will absolutely be checking out your other decks.


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