Author Topic: [EDH / Commander] Basandra Knights  (Read 69 times)


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[EDH / Commander] Basandra Knights
« on: January 04, 2020, 12:19:56 am »
Hey there!

So, this is my first post here and also my very first Commander deck. I would love to get some opinions and suggestions on it, since im pretty new to the format!

Essentially this is more of a Style build. I wanted to have fun with the Knight theme. Straight up create a fun and functional deck that would tell a story of an army of knights taking up arms getting stronger the more they rally up together until they form a pretty much unstopable force. Which is why there are so many swords and shields in there.

I know Basandra is not  the best Commander, but it's straight up my favorite Magic card visually, and the ability works with the deck as well as the color, so i wanted to put it to use.

Also, im not making a fantasy build with just the best of the best of everything... i went through my personal collection and used only cards i had physically. So, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Basandra Knights