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Zack Frost:
Greetings to all bored enough to happen upon this thread. I hope you find the random thoughts I find interesting enough to post as entertaining as I do.

In all honesty, this thread will likely end up consisting of jokes,quotes,and otherwise personal thoughts on everything. Maybe some memes!

Zack Frost:
"Today might be a bitch, but that doesn't mean you cant make it YOUR bitch."

Zack Frost:
If you didn't already realize, I like to play card games. And while that may lead some to believe I hate going outside, this is just not true.
I have come to the realization that it doesn't matter whether I am inside or outside. I enjoy sitting on my ass, no matter where I am.

Zack Frost:
Got back into the site due to covid 19. I decided to redo my decks. Feel free to pm any questions, legit any question about anything. Stuck indoors and I am running out of things to do.

This is something that may give you something to do...



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