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Zack Frost:
To anyone reading, welcome. I have decided to start doing some primers. I have decided to make all of them budget tribal commanders. Thanks to wolf for the suggestion.

Keep suggestions coming. I still have a lot of free time.

Fun Fact: West Virginia was the last state to have a confirmed case of covid 19 in the United States.

Potato Chop:
Build an Almighty Brushwagg Voltron. I challenge thee! Can you make it effective? I recommend using at least Colossification.

Zack Frost:
I am in college now, and getting used to it in all its glory. sadly I will be unable to do much relating to magic while i acclimate to college. Also Potato Chop that sounds amazing and i might add it to my mutate hydra deck for shits and giggles.

Zack Frost:
I am back. I have started to fall in love with a modified brawl format. So much fun!!!

Zack Frost:
The struggle is real. I got a job, though. Anyone know Roy Rogers?


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