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Morganator 2.0:
Source here: https://wpn.wizards.com/en/article/scheduling-opens-next-week-commander-nights

Between April 27th and June 18th, there will be a new event for Commander players. You'll be placed in pods of 3 to 5 people, and will aim to accomplish achievements to earn points. Points earn you promo packs.

What do you have to say about this? Does an achievement-based game of Commander interest you?

Restrictions that call for unique and interesting deck building generally catch my attention but in looking at some of the achievements listed for the first league, I think a couple of my decks can hit almost half of the list without the need for any modification.  So... right idea maybe but not the best execution? 

It looks like they're trying to put a competitive spin on casual commander, which I think would be a disaster because a competitive competition with prizes is going to have all the tier 1 cEDH level decks that can win as early as turn 1, but it this achievement think kind of solves that problem. I mean these achievements, well most of them, require the deck to be built around them or built with them in mind. I think it's a great idea and a good way to get people out to their LGS. I know plenty of people, myself included, don't play at an LGS and this will be great to go and meet new players and expand our pod.

I can see where it’ll be a draw to some. I’ve played in a few events like this and they were sort of fun.

Personally, I like the idea of achievements and this possibly being a way to give shops credit for running EDH events. I enjoy brewing new decks but I know some folks prefer to go all in on just one deck and so deck-building based achievements won't be as appealing. Still, I think it's a good way to keep it casual... though it does make me wonder if Back to Nature will see play.


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