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How many people play cEDH?

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Since the other topic is so hot, I thought a poll to show how many people played cEDH would be interesting to see.

Morganator 2.0:
I wonder who the two people that play cEDH are...


--- Quote from: Morganator 2.0 on February 04, 2020, 07:05:54 pm ---I wonder who the two people that play cEDH are...

--- End quote ---
You and Soren lol.

Perhaps we should also do a similar poll. Who is interested in what goes on in the cEDH community? Or something like that. It seems like more than just the cEDH players want the cEDH players to be happy.

Red_Wyrm that's a good shout.

I've proxied in a couple of decks with some buddies but there isn't much of a local scene or appetite for it where I live.

However, I do find it interesting and I consume a fair amount of content on it and keep relatively up to date with it's comings and goings.


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