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Orzhov Legends deck - want to be about power level 5



I have no idea what power level people consider this (1 being Jank, 10 being super competitive). I'm hoping to be around the middle. I don't really want to buy any expensive. I may have cards from the more recent sets, but I'm unsure what I should change.

Any thoughts about changes vs the recent sets would be helpful (Ranvica onwards)

Any thoughts on changes on cards I could buy, but not too expensive, would be nice.

Just to clarify, we are talking about guilds of ravnica correct? We've been to ravnica 3 times with a  total of, I think, 6 sets. 2 each time. The first was Ravnica: City of Guilds, followed immediately by some other set that I wasnt around for. Then was, oh god, I think its return of ravnica and then gatecrash. Then the more recent guilds of ravnica and ravnica: Allegiance.

before War of Spark, but I can't remember when exactly I made it.

Edit: a lot of cards are Dom, but I bought a heap of older cards off a friend, nothing really worth anything, and my wife took all the angels, but I made do with what was left...

Edit2: before I started playing again in Dom the last time I played we had mana burn...

Okay. So basically just new cards. Got it. I'll do my best, but a lot of cards from the newer sets I've ignored unless they're exceptionally good, and if they are exceptionally good you would want to keep them out of the deck to keep the power level down.

I think you have a pretty solid deck for the power level you want. I do think you should cut Gonti, Lord of Luxury because people don't like getting their stuff stolen. Usually not too fun to play against, but it is up to you; if your playgroup has no qualms with it, run it.

Also you seem to be lacking card draw. I would usually recommend necropotence, but 1 life for 1 card in this instance is, I think, too good. So maybe something like greed or Erebos, God of the Dead as they combine mana and life for cards at a steep cost. Regna the Redeemer and Krav, the Unredeemed also make a great inclusion in most decks as they synergize together.


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