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Karn, Silver Golem


Karn, Silver Golem

Artifact Commander

Any Opinions?

For starters, Paradox Engine and Sundering Titan are both banned in Commander.

Swamps also aren't allowed.  Wastes are the colorless basic land.  But colorless utility lands seldomly enter the battlefield tapped.  You can run any/all of them.  I would only run about 3 Wastes.  And that is just for when an opponent uses Path to Exile or Collective Voyage or such that will let you fetch a basic.

You also don't have enough lands.  Only 32.  And one is Maze of Ith, so really on 31 that make mana.  You probably want a few more.  I would run 34 not counting Maze of Ith as a land.

Then I would add in some more ramp too.  You've only got 3.  There's all kinds of colorless ramp: Thought Vessel, Mind Stone, Hedron Archive, Dreamstone Hedron, Prismatic Lens, Fractured Powerstone, Unstable Obelisk, etc.  There's a very long list of possibilities.  You typically want 6 to 10 pieces of ramp. 

And lastly, What is Isochron Scepter doing here?  You have absolutely zero instants in your deck to imprint onto it.

Don't mean to sound harsh.  You did ask for opinions.

Oops, sorry. I must have mistyped a couple of things. I don’t remember putting isochron scepter in, and i did mean to put in wastes. I will consider more ramps. Ty


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