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Varina commands Liliana and zombies


Hi all,

I have an obsession with Liliana Vess, now Ana Lora, and my collection includes nearly every card listed on the wiki, as well as the cards of her demons, her brother, and the God-Eternals.

I've created this deck based, mostly, on those cards, with a few supplements.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Please note, I am not able to afford the 2 remaining PW Liliana Cards (Last Hope, and Veil) or any other card over $20 the one's I have were from trades or gifts.

Varina Loves Liliana

Varina Commands a Liliana PW and Zombie themed deck. Features Liliana related cards (named, depicted, quoted, referred to, or associated with).

You have two Dark Petitions, two Command Towers, and three Manaliths.

Gah, it isn't showing the updated one. I was entering them on mobile and I have a screen glitchy spot.

Only 1 only each card. (Version 3 is the current one. Has 1 Island in it)


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