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Ell Ball. Focus on actual 🧝‍♀️ and not just green stuff with a few mana dorks and Craterhoof.

Hey, I see you're making an elfball deck. WizardSpartan and I just released primers on building elfball. You might get some ideas from them. This is my Ezuri list. The primer's in the description.


That deck is really powerful and way to powerful for my group.

The deck I built above is about 100% the power level cap of the pod.

Plus I don’t own a few cards that are going to get reprints like Hoof, Curious, and Heroic Intervention I’m jsut too afraid to buy them and get whacked by the 60% price drop.

The primer in my bio has a $100 version, a version that's about on the level of yours, and an in-depth description of pretty much every aspect of the deck. What kind of help are you looking for in particular?

Also, I wouldn't count on Craterhoof or Curio getting reprints. Heroic Intervention might, but it's unlikely. I know the Green Spellbook is coming up this year, but past spellbooks have contained mostly noncreature spells, so I would expect Green Sun's Zenith, Beast Within, etc. as green edh staple reprints in that spellbook. Any reason why you are so sure they're getting reprinted?

Wizards are releasing a crap ton of commander products and all those cards are staples and have become extremely expensive because it.  They’re hinted at may money cards that are expensive simply because of reprints being reprinted like Grave Pact, Greater Auramancy, Blightsteel, and other cards.

Hoof, Mul Daya, Cloudstone, Orrey(which I own), are all bullseye’d for reprints.


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