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What's the situation with Corona in your country? How are you coping with it? How do you feel about it?

Finland at the moment: we don't have curfew (yet) but they're saying people should stay at home, shopping for anything should be avoided but obviously you're allowed to buy food and medicine. Some people have been quarantined and they're not allowed to leave their home.

I'm just refreshing forums at home now, building decks, playing Minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, watching Netflix and doing introvert things in general. I'm still scared as heck that I will catch the virus and suddenly just drop dead with no treatment available. Thus far our health care is coping well with the situation but that might change in a few weeks if the projections are correct. I don't really know how to cope with the anxiety that comes from being cut off from work completely (so no money) and staying healthy.

In my state (Maryland) here in the US, they've closed all non-essential businesses, Restaurants & bars are open for takeout/delivery only. Public schools are out for another week (they're expected to extend that any time now). Most public offices and private businesses that can are working from home. Places like the libraries are closed. And even courts are postponing any case that isn't deemed necessary atm. They've closed colleges for the rest of the semester.

Overall, I'm going nuts. I just had been able to start getting out and around to more than a few games at the LGS a week and now I'm back to being stuck in the house.

Life is.

I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and as of midnight tonight, all non-essential services are ordered closed. I work in construction and was told this morning that all our jobsites are officially closed until further notice. Our government has promised employment insurance aid to help Canadian citizens through this period, but we'll see how the system handles this dramatic increase in solicitation of its servers. Regardless, lots of small businesses will be decimated after this virus has run its course. The construction industry here in Quebec is massive so I am not worried about work once the ban on non-essential services is lifted and we can resume work/being close to other people.

As in most countries now, public gatherings are prohibited, albeit more as a strong suggestion. I think they are talking about having the police intervene in case people don't listen. For my part, my friends and I have already self-isolated even before the government recommended it. Most of my friends have families so no one is taking chances.

I think what bothers me the most is being forced to remain indoors, not the actual lack of social contact or work, or the dent it'll invariably make in our personal finances. I'm also finding it a bit difficult being at home 24/7 with my significant other, who is now working from home, as normally, our schedules permit me to have a bit of alone time every afternoon.

All we can really do is relax at home and ride this out while limiting our exposure risks. I'm keeping myself occupied building/tinkering with decks and writing a DnD-influenced Vampire: the Dark Ages game set in a mythological Norway. I also have an artist friend that wants us to do a small comic book together. Maybe this period, despite the uncertainty and anxiety, will result in some solid creative output.

I go to a semi-private gym and the owner has been posting body-weight-only workout programs on his site. That is super cool of him.

I'm in the UK. Here, it's much like everywhere else. Numbers are spiraling and they've implemented an "essentials only" lockdown. It's shitty and boring but it's necessary. I appreciate the measures more than most. My wife has serious underlying health issues and a heavily compromised immune system. She's considered to be "at very high risk" from the coronavirus. We nearly lost her last October because of her own illness. If she gets this, she doesn't stand a chance. The prospect of my two kids growing up without a mother and being a widower before I turn 30 is not something I'm relishing, so I'm happy to put up with all the tedious boredom and inconvenience for as long as it takes.

My government are doing some things well at least (much as it pains me to admit; I voted for the other guys). They were slow to react to the seriousness of the situation, but have promised to pay up 80% of wages for anyone who cannot work or is laid off as a result, mortgages and rent payments have been frozen, universal credit has been made available to self employed people at much better rates than were previously available. They are doing everything they can to make sure people's welfare will be unaffected as much as possible when it is all done. It's helping the state of people's minds a lot.

CleanBelwas, that is just absolutely awful. My deepest sympathies, I can't even imagine how you two are feeling right now. I truly can't.

I'm a little worried about my mum, too, because she also has some health problems. She's  mentally preparing for the worst but I hope it doesn't come to that.

I'm also increasingly worried about Sweden. They haven't done much except they prepared a stadium for extra patient beds afaik. I'm really worried. They're apparently seeing what we do and following us when they should have already closed everything.

Also lots of restless people here in Finland. There's been talk about complete isolation of cities (especially the Uusimaa-region which is basically Helsinki, our capital city). It's a good idea but seeing that summer cottages are *really* popular in Finland people have started migrating to the countryside. The health care over there is obviously not good enough if someone brings the virus with them. And someone will... They're now telling people to stick to their choices and stop moving about restlessly.


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