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American Education System contextualisation

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Of the different schools my kids have went to (14 or so) in six different states, only one has ever required a uniform.

I think in general, most public (state-funded) schools don't have a school uniform, just a dress code that loosely defines what students should wear (no revealing clothing, inappropriate words printed on clothing, etc.).

I think most private schools have at least a stricter dress code (only a certain kind of shirt or pants, etc.) but may have a school uniform.

I don't think any of the universities in the U.S. have a uniform whatsoever.

Most private (which usually means religious in some way) have a uniform. Many of them require a a certain look, like khakis and a collar for boys and a skirt and oxford shirt for the ladies.

Some even go as far requiring clothes to be bought from a specific supplier.

I teach at a k-12 Private Christian school and we require our students to buy their uniforms from a specific supplier. We have what we call spirit dress every Friday, but even then we have requirements on the jeans they are allowed to wear and their shirts must be a school related shirt of some kind - like from athletics or extra-curricular activities.


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