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Regarding Primeval Titan.    It reads when primeval enters the battlefield or attacks search your library for up to two lands and put them into play tapped. 
Are you able to put  the two lands into play when he enters play and then again next turn when he attacks.   is it one or the other or both

Both. It's "whenever", so it goes off each time any of the triggers happen.  You could even drop it and grab two lands, attack next turn for another two, then flicker it with Restoration Angel after combat and grab another two when he enters the battlefield again.

You should also consider that the second trigger is "whenever Primeval Titan attacks..." which triggers when you declare attackers. You will get the lands right away, before your opponent declares blockers.  In response to that, or in response to the declaration of blockers, you could flash Restoration Angel down to flicker the Primeval Titan (which removes him from combat) and get another two lands, before combat damage even happens.

Thanks.  I thought is what is meant


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