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living end

I like the choice of cycling creatures (I always had a soft spot for Striped Sidewinder ever since a good Limited experience, it's nice that it found a home); maybe Greater Sandwurm would work too? It probably won't matter too much though, since you'll most likely win once Living End goes off no matter which fatties you have. Since that's the case, though, it seems like Remand (and maybe also Birds of Paradise, but I would be more hesitant to remove that one) increases the risk of a wasted cascade, getting in the way of the on-demand Living End. Getting the end countered does suck, but even then I'd probably sideboard Remand. Overwhelming Denial is another option; it doesn't get Cascaded from Demonic Dread or Bloodbraid Elf (or Violent Outburst, which might be worth taking a look at), and still works as a 2-mana hardcounter at any time you're playing Living End.

the idea that you had about the Overwhelming Denial and the greater sandwurm is good we can change it very easy

and also for birds of paradise you are correct


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