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Author Topic: Add a color to a Commander  (Read 968 times)


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Re: Add a color to a Commander
« Reply #15 on: February 22, 2021, 01:06:39 pm »
Sylvester12 and I wrote a poem on the subject a while back:

Poor Scorpion God. No one ever remembers Scorpion God.

An Ode to The Scorpion God:

How good you could have been
If only you had green
But your brothers are way better
Worst God in the set-ter

You kicked Rhonas' butt
And opened Kefnet's dome
But that doesn't change the fact
You're not great in the command zone

Yo, I want in on making silly poems for disliked cards.
Card draw engine though thou art,
You could not melt the frigid heart
Of him, the player hight Belwas,
Who now laments "Green, what a loss!"

The least of three once styled gods,
Your skillset failed to even odds.
You languish now in long disfavor,
Unplayed by most Commander players.

Your amazing potential cannot be denied
If not for your place in the colour pie
But without green you could not hope to reap
The benefits from the company you keep

Hapatra and Obelisk Spider, alas!
Relationships thwarted by Nicol Bolas
For Grixis is where the Dragon God lies
And your design space must comply

An agent of Bolas cannot be green
And so we lament what could have been
You could have been the king of my pod
My raison d'etre, My Scorpion God

Original thread for context, in case anyone cares:,53051.0.html

Sometimes I like to think about an alternate timeline where The Scorpion God didn't go on a mad rampage, kill Kefnet, Oketra and Rhonas and get impaled on a massive obelisk. Instead, he channeled his rage into horticulture and helped Hazoret, Samut, Djeru and Hapatra rebuild Naktamun, planting trees and flowers and, most importantly, had green in his identity so I could build that goddam deck.
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