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Author Topic: The most fun deck I have played in years - Yuriko tempo EDH Primer  (Read 1265 times)


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Re: The most fun deck I have played in years - Yuriko tempo EDH Primer
« Reply #15 on: April 08, 2021, 10:45:15 am »
I have a few things to ask. Regardless of your answers this is a well-written primer and a good resource for many readers.

Slyvester12 already brought up Doomsday, but I couldn't find any mention of it in your reply or the primer. Is this a card you would use? If yes, would you want to make an actual Doomsday pile, or just stack your five highest costing cards on top?

WizardSpartan mentioned Scheming Symmetry, but again, no follow-up. I know you can't afford the more expensive tutors, but this one should be manageable. Unless you think that the downside is too much.

Now I can understand why you wouldn't use the more mana-expensive unblockable options (like Whispersilk Cloak and Rogue's Passage) but is Wingcrafter a good compromise?

Thanks for the feedback.

I've updated the primer to include these points, but I'll share my thoughts and reasoning here too for anyone looking for quick answers to these questions.

Doomsday and Scheming Symmetry aren't included for much the same reason; the variance is the most fun part of this deck for me. I've added a section on tutors to the card discussion section outlining this, but I like not being able to go and find a specific card.

Objectively, I can respect the power of tutors and understand why people like to run them, so I've covered off some that I think would be worth it in the card discussion section (spoiler alert: it's the cheap CMC ones), but I just simply don't like to run too many.

I tend to avoid running them in any of my EDH decks, but this deck is the one that I think suffers least from its lack of tutors. This deck does two things very well that make tutors less important; redundancy and card selection. We have numerous ways to achieve any of the things that are important for this deck, and we have the ability to churn through our deck very quickly to find them. I enjoy the play patterns far more when I'm resolving a Contingency Plan and have to decide if I want to keep that bounce spell for later or if I can do without it. The decisions that come from all of our dig spells and cantrips are what I enjoy. Tutors put this deck on easy mode, and I prefer playing it on hard mode.

Doomsday warrants a little more discussion, such is the nature of the card. It's certainly an interesting idea for the deck, but I'm choosing to omit it because it feels like it goes against what this deck wants to do somewhat. This deck thrives off being able to dig through its library, pitching cards into the graveyard, finding the answers it needs at the time, then delving away the unwanted cards for value. The problem with Doomsday in this list, without including a specific doomsday pile, it's a dead card until you can win with it. You want to be in the position where you can doomsday, keep 5 high cmc cards, swing and kill everyone. I can actually foresee this working more often than you might think, but if you are not in that position it's completely dead. Without a backup doomsday pile that can just win (which is a completely fine idea if that's what you want to do, but I'm looking for an aggressive tempo deck rather than a combo deck), it does nothing for a lot of the time. Not only that, the blowout potential is huge. If someone fogs or aetherizes or rifts, you are left high and dry. You are missing all your ways to keep your wheels turning.

Wingcrafter has been added to the list of "cards I would include if I could get my hands on one". It's great here, I just can't get my hands on one where I live. I haven't really missed it to the point where the deck suffers without it, but it is probably a better include than one of the 1 mana unblockables simply for its added utility in the late game to give Yuriko evasion too.

Also, I just want to mention that I am currently testing Whispersilk Cloak out. It hasn't come up enough times to have drawn a conclusion on its place in the deck yet, but the more I play this deck, the more it becomes apparent that it doesn't struggle for mana as much as I thought it would. The card selection it generates means I am almost always making land drops. If I get to the mid-late game without having been able to close out the game, I find that I have a decent enough amount of mana to include something more expensive that allows me to close out the game, and Whispersilk Cloak fits the bill perfectly. I will report back when I've had chance to get more games with it.

Thanks again for the feedback, suggestions and questions everyone.